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Updated Slanted MSU Logo


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Many Mississippi State fans clamor for the Slanted MSU logo, various versions of which were worn from the late 70s to 2003. Nike owns the version worn from 1996-2003, but an updated version of the previous logo (1985-1995) would be plausible. This logo was constructed using the university's custom font, which can be found on Fonts By Conrad as "Starkville". Under this concept, it would be worn on the helmet on homecoming and on road Egg Bowls.





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I would have the 'U' overlap the bottom the S because as is, it looks more like a J. Great update!

I agree, it does look like a J. I would then move the right arm of the U underneath the S so that they are interlocking.

I also think that the letters might be somewhat too thick, so that they fuse together when they are small. But if you thin the letters out and make the U overlap the bottom of the S, you have Nike's logo. I'm sure they would be more than happy to sue adidas or Miss St. over that.

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Thanks for the responses. I spent a few minutes looking at moving the U "up", so to speak, but it really didn't work well with the serif. Thinning it might be a project for another day.

For now, I'll just leave it as is, though I do see how one might mistake the U for a J.

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