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Return of the Red, White, and Blue - US National Teams


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This is something I've been tinkering with since the Women's World Cup as I got tired of watching the USA be represented by white, black, and Volt.


The initial idea was a reworking of a previous concept I had done creating a shirt based on the imagery of a Revolutionary War soldier. The away kit features two red-trimmed white sashes in a crossed pattern directly invoking the Continental Army uniforms, which lends its name to the concept. Simple white shorts recall the white pants of the minutemen, and the striping patten is repeated on the socks.

With the home kit I didn't want to do more hoops, stripes, or lines, as I feel most of those jerseys start blending together and are generally sideways moves from each other. I went with a blue-red double chevron on a white shirt, which is repeated in the socks as well.

Both shirts feature a slightly simplified version of the 2013 Nike Don't Tread On Me snake logo sublimated above the player names. The base of the numbers on the back feature the 13-star arrangement from the Betsy Ross flag. The inside collars quote Captain John Paul Jones at the Battle of Flamborough Head, "I have not yet begun to fight!" Otherwise the kits are relatively simple and rely on strong colors and shapes to be distinctive.

Template by raysox.

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Are those away kits supposed to be the Scottish national flag? Just kidding of course! I do like the concept, but my personal favorite home jersey will always be the centennial kits we wore back in 2013. Old-school crest with a white top and blue shorts. Couldn't beat it.

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These are fantastic and original! On the away kit, maybe try making the collar red, and you could also make it long sleeve with red cuffs as well to further the continental soldier look in an appropriate manner. I would also go with a different font or just keep the current one

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