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This is the place to put any random uniform stats you have.

For example; The Oregon Ducks football team could play until the year 2778 without a duplicate uniform.

Also; Only 11/65 Power 5 schools have adidas as their uniform manufacturer.

What do you have?

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(Copied from College Football thread, in reply to same OP)

There are 12 teams in the Power 5 conferences that wear adidas. Wisconsin and Michigan will drop out, leaving 10.



NC State






Arizona State


Mississippi State

Texas A&M

ECU is not a Power 5 school. A lot of non-Power 5 teams are outfitted by adidas.

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As I'd been discussing with Infrared41:

I was reading through his week 8 "Best of the NFL" thread yesterday, and I saw where he was discussing perhaps looking back and doing an all-time ranking for best match up. At first, I didn't read it right, and thought he'd meant that he was going to take all the rankings he'd done so far and rank the teams themselves based on how many times they've appeared in his lists, or something similar. I eventually re-read what was proposed and understood it as the single best match up since the formation of the AFL in 1960. But that realization did not arrive before I got curious as to how Infrared's rankings would show which individual teams he tended to prefer. I really like numbers, statistics, and the idea of rankings (especially aggregate rankings based on different factors, like the BCS). So I did a little number crunching with 2015 so far. It went like this:

  • Best matchup of the week got the two teams involved 6 points.
  • Then matchups 2 through 5 followed with 2 getting 5 points, 3 getting 4, and so on.
  • Honorable mentions (if there were any for a given week) got 1 point.
  • Then I wasn't sure if there was any order to the worst of the week, so I gave the first worst a rating of -3, and then went from there.
  • As for the "this ruined an otherwise good match up" category, I split the teams. The culprit got -1 and the other team got 1.

It's not a perfect system by any means (given that one particularly strong uniform could elevate an otherwise mediocre opponent), but I found the final results interesting in that everyone at 0 and up, I wouldn't mind seeing stay in their current uniforms. The teams with negative scores could all certainly use redesigns.

Here's what I came up with:

  1. KC 33

    NYG 24

    IND 22

    SF 22

    DAL 17

    GB 16

    PIT 16

    CHI 15

    MIN 15

    HOU 13

    NE 13

    DET 12

    NO 12

    OAK 12

    PHI 11

    BUF 10

    NYJ 10

    CAR 9

    WAS 8

    BAL 3

    STL 1

    SEA 0

    ARI -1

    MIA -1

    SD -1

    DEN -2

    JAX -3

    TEN -3

    ATL -4

    CIN -7

    CLE -9

    TB -11

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The (Los Angeles) Rams wore their white jerseys for 47 consecutive games from 1967 to 1971. They wore their blue jerseys at Atlanta in the 10th week of 1967, and did not wear them again until the 1st week of 1971 at New Orleans.

That's not hard to do, if a team chooses to wear white at home. It's harder for a team to have to wear its dark jersey for consecutive games.

The record for that is held by the 1967 Redskins, whore wore their burgundy jerseys for 13 straight games in 1967, from the 2nd week on. They were forced to wear their dark jerseys for road games at New Orleans, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Dallas, Cleveland, and Pittsburgh.

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