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Question Regarding Font Families


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Hey guys,

Concepts might not be the right folder for this, but I figured this would get the most visibility and hopefully the best help since so many people in this section use Inkscape.

I have downloaded a custom font which includes that font family with eight distinct variations of the font. All are installed (I am using Mac) and are usable in programs like Pages. However, when I run Inkscape, Inkscape does not recognize the individual variations of the font. It basically defaults to the primary version and allows me to apply a generic bold or italic tweak to it.

Is there anything I can do for Inkscape to recognize the variations? Or if that can't work, is there any way I can trick the program into thinking they are unique fonts, possibly by removing the variations from the font family and making them each a standalone font?

Here are some pics so you understand what I mean. You can see all font variations are installed. I generally prefer the "Sharp" variations of the font. Inkscape defaults to the traditional Headcase font and there are no variations in the drop down box besides clicking the "Bold" or "Italic" buttons.

You might notice I have a similar "Sharp" style text in that bottom preview, but that was by going to the "Text and Font" dialog screen. There is one setting- "light," which recognizes that similar style, but it isn't the right font I'm looking for. It's just a setting. Basically, I'm trying to get Inkscape to pull these fonts in the drop down box or make each variation a standalone font.



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I don't believe you can change that setting of the font unless you use a font creating program. You could remove all the fonts from the family on your computer except the one you want to use. And then reinstall the ones you want to use later. That might be tedious but I think that's the only loop-hole for you to use. PM me if you need more help.

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It's likely a coding issue with the font. You'll also sometimes run into fonts that will display in Inkscape but can't be kerned properly, or that mutate terribly if put at an angle but you can only see the mutation in .png form. If you hunt around online, you can find various coding fixes for these Inkscape issues, but they go way over my head.

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