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  1. The thread is dead because I did all the D1 teams. I'm not going to come back and do an update each time a school gets a new logo.
  2. Does anyone know the "Fear The Deer" font?
  3. Bump for 2019 brackets. Will only do ESPN group, like last year.
  4. Great work as always. Will you have the Bucks new primary court done soon?
  5. No, just have one helmet (but switches between red and white facemasks), two jerseys (red and white), and one pants.
  6. Updates Updates due to new logos Stetson Hatters California Golden Bears UCLA Bruins Rice Owls High Point Panthers
  7. Will only do ESPN this year due to low participation in other groups
  8. Just wanted to put this out there for anyone looking for an alternative to photoshop to use for concepts... (Mods if you feel this should be in General Design please move it) Affinity Photo -Only $50, no subscription -Can open .PSD files and save them -Takes some getting used to if you usually use photoshop, but not that different -$20 iPad app (for newer iPads only) Affinity Designer -Only $50, no subscription -Like Illustrator but I don't believe it can open .AI files There are free 7-day trials for both. (Photo, Designer). FYI the trials are strict on their days, unlike photoshop which gives you one extra session after the trial. I hope this doesn't seem like an ad but should provide you with another option for graphic design.