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  1. There isn't a vector version. The creator of the template, @rsaline, only made a photoshop version.
  2. Anyone know the font on the new Marquette uniforms? I'm assuming the number is likely custom, but the script font would be appreciated?
  3. New Balance does Maine's uniform (any reason to post this image)
  4. Anyone know this font being used throughout the NFL Draft/Draft-A-Thon?
  5. "Long after"? The seniors were born in the late 1990s (assuming they're 22ish). The Jazz mountain uniform was worn until 2004. Vancouver Grizzlies uniform was worn until 2000. They were toddlers or young kids, so they might not remember watching the games with those uniforms, but they were alive when those uniforms were being worn in the NBA.
  6. It might be similar to the one you created but the guy who created it just finished it about a month ago.
  7. Here's an NBA/Nike template with top, bottom and sides; plus a few other templates: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1pk6NQf1PmQoEW2Kh0CjcLarRNC9AB3AT?usp=sharing
  8. Bumping for the 2020 brackets. Had 9 total participants last year, hopefully we can get that number up a bit.
  9. That's purple (almost lavender), not pink. The uniforms were designed primarily by the players (seniors on the team). Under Armour basically just says what they can and can't do (because of materials, screen printing, etc.) and the UA design team tries their best to make the players' idea into reality.
  10. It's their new sustainable "Selfless" uniform. It's supposed to use less material. https://www.azcentral.com/story/sports/college/asu/2019/08/19/asu-football-uniforms-new-adidas-2019-sustainable-uniform-unveiled/2054549001/
  11. The thread is dead because I did all the D1 teams. I'm not going to come back and do an update each time a school gets a new logo.
  12. Does anyone know the "Fear The Deer" font?
  13. Bump for 2019 brackets. Will only do ESPN group, like last year.
  14. Great work as always. Will you have the Bucks new primary court done soon?
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