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Arizona Coyotes concept


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1. 4 colors is way too much IMO go with the browns and black no white

2. there needs to be some consistency the sleeves don't match the bottom

3. Phantom yoke is a no

4. Numbers and NOB in different colors is a no

5. Overall everything seems too light too me thats why i said ditched the white. Darken the browns a little more and your golden.

6. You may think stripe dont deal with the overall color of the uniform but they do. those little spaces between the stripes is making it alot lighter, thats why i usually combine stripes and i dont separate them unless those lines have borders of their own, for example the Chicago Bears


I hope this helps ;)

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It's an interesting idea but I don't think it's working. The head and the body of the logo are slightly different styles, and that's making it feel really disjointed overall. Additionally, the proportion is off- the head is way too big, and the coyote doesn't really have a neck. 


The color scheme is kind of cool, but I think it'd be better if you added a little of the red, especially since you're using the secondary logo that has red in it.

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I'd go back to developing the logo more before focusing on the jerseys. I second what suplauren has to say--it looks like you've glommed the current head-only logo onto the older full-body logo (which had a different head), and the result is a mismatch of styles with a greatly oversized head. If you're wanting an original full-body coyote logo, better to create one from scratch than to pastiche one from previously existing logos.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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