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New Gators Logo (NOT Florida)


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I think it was just a monogram.  I'll have to dig up a picture.



This is the primary school logo.  I'm not sure if this was officially an athletic logo too, but I've seen it used that way.



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Inb4 "LOL there arent any alligators in maryland"


Is it an original design? If so, it's quite nice. A lot of schools use stock logos - it's always nice to see an original. Also interesting to see a Gator logo without, y'know, teeth.


...but seriously, are there alligators in Maryland?

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No alligators to my knowledge . . . but at least two local schools use the name.


As for the logo, the school website basically just said, "Here it is!"  I assume it is an original, but there was no information about who designed it or anything of that sort.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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