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Western Style CFB schedule lockscreens


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Put together a western style template to use as a CFB schedule lockscreen.  I'll take requests, but for now I only have the template set up for a regular, 12 game CFB season.  Please don't ask me to make one for your favorite MLB squad with their 9,423 games per season or basketball, hockey, whatever.  Even a 16-game NFL slate will get a bit cramped on a phone screen, so for now I'm keeping it to 2016 CFB schedules. 


Obviously the stylistic elements lend themselves well to western / farm / rural types of teams.  In other words, Maryland wasn't my first choice to make a rustic lockscreen for, but I have no objection to making one for the Terps if barnwood and crabcakes are your thing.


OVNcLUe.jpg  GD8ON4E.jpg  


WRfv3rT.jpg   bExlAX0.jpg

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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