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Bobcats unifroms

Alphabet Man

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this ewas posted in the 'I have seen the Bobcats new uniforms' thread.I have no idea exactly how to take this, it sounds opretty much like the 'party line' over the new unis.

I wouldn't exactly count out the possibilty of some kind of transparent features, but I still think that an unlikely scenario. Maybe its something like Diadora have put on some of there new soccer kits, that changes color to show how hot the player is??!! Dunno, don't exactly know how to read that could almost literally mean anything! maybe the shorts and vest will be different colors, who knows!!


2011/12 WFL Champions

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THAT'S WHAT WAS ON ROMA'S JERSEYS??? I thought it was just sweat. Terrible look. I'm gonna post a new thread about the World Series of Champions, the thoughts I had on them at least....

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