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NBA Expansion Project- San Diego


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photo NBAE PROMO_zpszpnhc1a3.png

The NBA is on its way to becoming one of the world's pop culture icons, and throughout its history it has had plenty of teams vie for being the best. This series is more or less of a "What if the NBA wanted to expand?". It seems likely that the NBA could decide to expand soon, and I wanted to see what some of these teams could look like.


Each division will receive a new team, based on certain qualifications, history, and geography. There is a total of 6 teams, each with a distinctive brand. Some teams call back to older days, while others bring a new look to the table. So, let's begin.


photo SEA NBAE PROMO_zpsnfecppc9.png

Without a doubt, Seattle had their team wrongfully stripped from them. So, naturally, they are the team to start with. Currently, they have an aging KeyArena. but Seattle is so iconic, they could probably last a few years there. 


Logos are simple, but blend modern and traditional elements. A new font epitomizes the Sonics name, as well as the updated color scheme, featuring a tweaked dark green, and a brand new shade of *ahem* volt yellow. However, the old skyline logo has returned; a simple emblem of the city.

photo SEA NBAE LOGOS_zpsnrwkhaxg.png


Courts are also fairly simple with some modern additions. There is an alternate court for their "Hardwood Classic" uniforms.

photo SEA NBAE COURT1_zpsohcvolcu.png


photo SEA NBAE COURT2_zpsobuy8fvo.png


The uniforms are meant to be an evolution of the team's arched stripe front; this time it is straight, but with a more modern stripe to match the modern look. White home, green road, a (probably controversial) yellow alternate, with a "Hardwood Classic" combining eras of the team's previous run.

photo SEA NBAE UNI1_zpsfqizgndd.png


photo SEA NBAE UNI2_zpsau8badex.png


I am not the most pleased with this look, but I am open to options.


Next team will be up tomorrow evening at the soonest. Cheers!

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Later post than expected, but without further adieu I give you the next team:

photo SD NBAE PROMO_zpslaz80prx.png


San Diego has a notorious history of losing teams in professional basketball, but the recent departure of the Chargers, could mean new life for a new NBA team. The Admirals name and colors are based off of naval and maritime ties to the city. They will also play at the Valley View Casino Center.


Logos are mainly Navy-based. Simple idea, but a bold new look. The font blends a traditional and modern block font to tie up the look.

photo SD NBAE LOGOS_zpsz9vtqb2u.png


The courts are also fairly simple; there is also a "Hardwood Classic" court as well.

photo SD NBAE COURT1_zps9cshvssc.png


photo SD NBAE COURT2_zpshdcd1zd1.png


The uniforms are meant to be modern. The angles of the stripes are derived from the chevron on the logo, and from different aspects of naval vessels and aircraft. The "Hardwood Classic" is a throwback to the San Diego Sails of the ABA.

photo SD NBAE UNI1_zpsqq1xgbtb.png


photo SD NBAE UNI2_zpspub865vd.png


Hopefully this about hits it on the nail. San Diego in my opinion is one of the most underrated cities to host a professional sports team, and I think this look helps them stand out from the crowd.


Cheers til next time!

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