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2017 SEC Baseball Concepts


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It's been a couple of years since I've done a college baseball concept series, so I started on these about a couple months ago.  I finished the SEC West today so I figured I'd go ahead and post them.  Basically I'm just doing a few tweaks and changes here and there; college baseball uniforms as a whole have been really good this year.  Pants and hats are for the most part interchangeable in all concepts.


For reference, my previous attempts at college baseball concepts:

2014 NCAA Baseball Concepts

2015 SEC Baseball Concepts


The first team I did was Mississippi State, because bias.  I completed and posted my Mississippi State "master plan" concept early last month.  The full post can be seen here: http://www.hailstateunis.com/concepts/baseball-master-plan-2017-concept


Basically, my Mississippi State concept contains 11 different jerseys; they would theoretically go in and out of rotation and 5 or 6 would be worn each year.



Next is Alabama.  For the Crimson Tide, I went with two jerseys for each color (white,gray,crimson).  I think pinstripes would work for Alabama; I gave them both white and gray versions.  On the white jerseys, I went with a cursive "Crimson Tide" script.  I used the official block "Alabama" on gray and crimson jerseys.  A second crimson jersey has the "A" logo.




Arkansas already has some really good uniforms.  I removed the side panels, added a sleeve patch, added a second red jersey, and brought back the Sunday cream jersey.  Otherwise, Arkansas is already good.




Auburn has some awesome cream throwbacks, so I wanted to expand on those a bit.  I added a navy hat with an orange AU (to be used with the cream and gray uniforms) and retained both current hats.  The "Auburn" script is on the cream, gray, orange, and alternate navy uniforms.  The other jerseys (white, pinstripe, primary navy) have the "AU" logo.  Copperplate has been eliminated throughout the set; block numbers are used on every jersey.




Like Arkansas and Mississippi State, LSU already has some of the best baseball uniforms in college baseball.  I added a tiger logo patch to the sleeve, piping to the pants and sleeves, and added a double outline to the numbers on the purple jersey.  That's it.




The biggest change I made with Ole Miss is switch to the alternate "UM" logo full time.   I think it's a better and more unique logo than the block "M"; Ole Miss should seriously start implementing it throughout their athletic identity.  I also updated the "Rebels" script and added a faux-back pinstripe (somewhat based on these) set using the alternate "Ole Miss" script also used on the powder blue uniforms.  B/W/R piping is used throughout the uniforms.




For Texas A&M, I brought back the "Texas Aggies" script on the primary white and gray jerseys.  Bevels are gone!!  Alternate hat with white front panel and state outline logo is back.




Hope to finish the East sometime soon.

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I think these all look fantastic. Alabama looks great with the removal of the horrendous Blue Jays copy. I like what you did with Auburn. The sleeve striping makes it feel like it's straight out of the 70s. I think the striping would be better as 2 stripes rather than 3 personally - again, playing off the old 70s look. I love the removal of Copperplate, the numbers especially.

"I believe in Auburn and love it!"



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