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NCAA Baseball (SEC is complete)


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Here are some ideas I had for perfecting the SEC school's baseball uniforms.

First is Mississippi State, who is coming off of a national title game appearance. The classic western script is here to stay, and here a gray jersey with the script is added to the existing white and maroon versions. The maroon jersey with the interlocking MS are kept, as well are the pinstripe jerseys added last year. The black jerseys are scrapped in favor of a cream jersey with the interlocking MS.


Next is LSU. The classic Times New Roman Tigers script stays on the yellow and purple jerseys, while the interlocking LSU is on the gray jersey as well as the white pinstriped version. A new, more modern jersey is added with the "LSU" in the modern font finding a place on the chest and on the hat. Though you can barley see it on this template, there are racing stripes similar to the iconic stripes on the football uniforms.


South Carolina has been gradually using more black in their recent sets, and they currently have an away uniform with no garnet whatsoever. I continue with this trend, adding a white jersey and a black jersey that lack garnet. To even it out, I also added white, gray, and garnet jerseys that contain no black. These are probably my favorite so far.


With Florida, I went for a mostly-modern look with white, gray, blue, and orange jerseys with the modern script. A second white jersey was added with the slanted F logo on the chest. I also added a cream fauxback jersey for the Gators, that puts the classic uf logo on the hat and sleeves and the cursive gators script on the chest.


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All of these look excellent but I have a couple of suggestions on all teams.

  • Miss State: I've been seeing them use gold on their uniforms against Ole Miss for the Egg Bowl and been wondering how would it look like on a baseball uniform?
  • LSU: I think you could do a grey version of the modern LSU font uniform or use the tiger from the football team on a alternate cap.
  • South Carolina: Why do some of the uniforms have either have no black or garnet on them. Could it be from the football team as the look of the baseball uniforms. I would like to see a uniform that has garnet, white, and black together.
  • Florida: The only suggestion I think I would like to see is put the gator head on an alternate cap

I can't wait to see the other SEC teams!

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Arkansas has a great "A" logo for their hat, but their recent uniforms have not been so good. Here, I went with a traditional approach, giving them two white jerseys, a gray jersey, two red jerseys, and an anthracite jersey. Anthracite is also present on the gray jersey and one of the red jerseys.


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For Texas A&M, I placed the shoulder stripes from the football uniforms on the top of the shoulder. Texas A&M is written on the gray and maroon jerseys, while Aggies is on the white jerseys. The aTm logo is also on a maroon jersey, and the state outline logo appears on the jersey and hat of a whiteout set.


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These are awesome. I can't wait to see what you do with the rest of the conference. As a Mississippi State fan myself, I love the gray uni wth the western script but not sure how I feel about the cream colored one. Those kind of things usually tend to grow on me though.

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My goal for the Ole Miss set was to have more color balance than the football uniforms do. The blue pinstirpe uniform is changed minimally, as is the navy jersey. The other three are original.


I also took some time to create some uniforms that had been previously suggested: a purple version of the modern LSU jersey, a South Carolina jersey that has pinstripes and uses both black and garnet, and egg bowl uniforms for Ole Miss and Mississippi State (It appears that I forgot to add the numbers for Mississippi State. They would be gold).


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With Auburn, I used the copperplate wordmark on the jerseys to create a simple yet great-looking set. The stripes on the ends of the sleeves are reminiscent of the ones on the football jerseys.


i wish theyd start wearing these in the spring the current ones are awful

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