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  1. PBR isn't associated with NASCAR in any kind of stereotype I'm aware of. Right now, I'd say it was more of a "hipster" choice of beer. I think you mean Bud Light, Natural Light, or one of the other major beer brands.
  2. I think what I keep noticing each time I compare the new and old is how the skull and swords blended and flowed so well with the flag and the ship logo it was placed on. It had that 90's jagged look that a lot of other logos during that time featured, but it worked for the Bucs because it wasn't forced...the jagged lines of the old logo blended into the rugged identity of the Buccaneers.
  3. Have you called the stadium yet? Haven't yet. I live a few blocks away and decided I would try that if I couldn't find them online. So far I only see some sort of deposit system on the A11 website. You'd think tickets would be available for an event that is only a little over 2 months away.
  4. Wonder if I can go ahead and buy tickets for the game here in Tampa?
  5. Okay, now I need vectors. I was building Bucs/Rays cornhole boards and luckily hadn't started painting or ordered the vinyl decals yet. Anyone find a large image of the logo that is flat and can be vectored?
  6. Okay this is going to come off weird. But after seeing the logo on an actual helmet with lighting present...I like it MUCH more than I originally thought. With that said, I am starting to dislike the wordmark now...seems maybe a bit too plain? That previous screenshot here of the newscast kind of made it look really dated and vanilla.
  7. Wow, odd how 2 people can have exact polar opposite opinions. I felt it is LESS menacing and more cartoonish than before. It seems "soft" and "kid-friendly" like a Halloween decoration.
  8. I hate it. Takes away the grimness and raw attitude of the old skull and flag a more cartoony kid-friendly version. Also don't like the new shade of red. I do like the font choice, but I also noticed they have silver/grey as the outline and not pewter. Totally pointless update all for the sake of $$. I can't see any other logical reason.
  9. Or...just change it to a different shade... *cough* I'm *hoping* this means pewter is staying but just getting lighter or darker...rather than disappearing or have "chrome" totally replace it. If pewter is changing, I'd suspect it goes lighter since it is pretty dark now. Again, I still say they have the perfect color palette as it is now and this reveal tonight is very likely to be a failure in most eyes.
  10. Have to disagree with your assessment. Pewter is one of the core pieces of Tampa Bay's package and a very good one, too. Removing that from the helmet and pants is essentially removing it from the identity. Going to plain ole white from that is pretty Earth shattering, to me.
  11. My first thought was "oh, April Fool's is around the corner. Funny." Then I realized Thursday was still in my next thought was, "WHYYYYYYY??" The Bucs have the best modern look in the NFL and one of the best overall looks period. Why mess with it? Great color combo and a menacing logoset. Just play good football.
  12. Last night's game was incredible from start to finish. Oklahoma looked like the best team in the nation for a majority of the game last night...on offense and defense. That hurry up offense was being ran to perfection and pairing that with the highly aggressive defensive scheme that the Sooners brought...I don't think Bama ever saw it coming. That was the most I have seen that Bama offense "shook" all season long. The overall difference was Oklahoma taking Bama out of their power game and removing their ability to control the clock. Once Alabama's backs were to the wall and the Sooners showed they weren't going to give up, I could see the writing on the wall. This is turning out to be my favorite bowl season ever, ironically. The matchups and turnouts have been nice for someone who looks forward to bowl season each year.
  13. I will check this out later. Small town guy here myself- graduated with 50 people in my class, around 270 in the school total. We played 11 man football in the smallest public school classification- but we had a lot of 8-man team school in the area (all private schools). People never really took the private schools seriously in football...but from what I understand, that is a bit different up North.
  14. Better, as far as recognizing the face area now- I can make out the parts that were fuzzy before. - In the mouth area, sharpen up the detail and add a top and bottom row of teeth...even if only one side has one tooth. I don't see a mouth with teeth yet. - The navy thickness around the nose, upper mouth, and jowls running together (while better) is still needing some improvement. Not sure whether you need to separate some of that or lose some of the navy. - I think you can add white to the other eye without ruining the raised cheek. I think you almost have to so the viewer knows what they are looking at. However, fixing this ^^^ may help you out where the eye isn't as important. - Spikes. Still needs spikes! Keep this one going- being from South Carolina, I have many friends that went to The Citadel and I also spent a few weeks there during a high school summer for something they have called "Boys State". Always felt that bulldog needed an update and I'm glad you are tackling it.
  15. - Hat is solid, smooth out the jagged edges on the feather thing (it doesn't translate well to an actual logo or serve a realistic purpose for printing, etc) - The head/face is a complete mess...I honestly can't make any of it out except for the overall shape, which is good. - Start with adding white for the eyes, fixing the mouth area, and working on the areas that NEED the navy to show shading/depth - try to incorporate the spikes on the collar (after all, his name is Spike) P.S. That Charlotte Hornet concept was great work.
  16. Curious- why do you say that? Have you watched him play this year a lot? I think he could be the best QB in the draft. Has all of the intangibles plus his style of play may translate well to the NFL.
  17. No pinstripe set for Carolina?
  18. Kiper has the list looking a bit differently. Notably 3-7 from your list: 3. Tampa Bay 4. Cleveland 5. Atlanta 6. Jacksonville 7. Oakland SOS factored in to breakup those 4-10 teams.
  19. I personally don't see Manziel or Bridgewater translating to the NFL very well. Mainly because they rely on their mobility a lot to be effective in the passing game. Don't get me wrong, being mobile is a great attribute...but that advantage is going to take a hit when you face the caliber of DL that the NFL has today. I've never liked the idea of drafting a QB first anyhow, really. There are very few "sure bets" in that position and it costs a lot. I like Blake Bortles and AJ McCarron more than any QB getting the draft attention right now. Before his injury, I may would have even put Aaron Murray up there as well. They just seem like QBs who will thrive in the NFL with their skillset. I called Alshon Jeffery as the biggest steal of last year's draft (I'd never seen hands and field presence at WR like his before). Still contemplating who that may be for this years. Of course I was hoping Tampa Bay would continue to suck and grab Clowney- and after Sunday, it looks more and more possible (projected 3rd pick). Games left against the Rams and Saints may help that cause.
  20. I wouldn't be happy either. 1. Why not use Team D? 2. Why not use kickers? Hell, I am in 1 league that uses a punter...and as crazy as it sounds, it brings a strange unknown factor that could make the difference between a win or loss. 3. 6 points for rushing TD but only 3 for passing...yet that WR catching the TD gets 6? Seems a bit harsh. I'd probably not participate on that alone, or else draft very heavy RB/WR. Pass TDs should be at least 4 points. However, I have never played in a All Play league. My 2 leagues are friends, family, and co-workers. I like the matchup one on one aspect for that.
  21. Why don't you give credit to where you stole an important portion of "your" logo from (the head)? I know you are new here, but you won't get away with "concepts" that easy here- especially when the person who designed the original is a member.
  22. That bowl is C-USA vs MWC unless Navy becomes bowl eligible. Same deal as Poinsetta Bowl with Army. And since Navy became bowl-eligible, they said it would be MWC vs. late as this morning they said Navy's opponent would be from the MWC. Here I thought honor and keeping your word was essential to anything Armed Forces-related... Who is "they" because that isn't how the bowl is tied in. It's C-USA vs Navy unless the Midshipmen aren't eligible...then MWC gets a shot.
  23. That bowl is C-USA vs MWC unless Navy becomes bowl eligible. Same deal as Poinsetta Bowl with Army.
  24. Because SEC SEC SEC SEC SEC!!! You're kidding right? Without the 2-team limit, you'd probably see another. Will that limit exist with the 4-team playoff among the 6 rotational bowls? No limits. However, selection is done by a committee rather than by a there will be a limit in some sort of fashion.