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3 hours ago, TheHealthiestScratch said:

Since you aren't making any concepts I suggest you at least make a formal, good looking standings board. With logos and other stuff like that because looking at the name I'm not sure what team belongs to what school.

We're working on that now, thanks!


2 hours ago, HRC4 said:

Did I miss a vote? Or was it done elsewhere?

If you did not vote by noon on Sunday, you're vote was not counted for the week. Next Saturday I can direct you to the Week 2 voting!

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I think that the matchups would be better if all the teams used a similar template. Most teams do, but there's certain ones that aren't, and they look a little out of place...

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On 6/25/2017 at 10:43 AM, sleuthpanther said:

I'll be closing the poll in a few hours and its a tight race, so get those votes in!


We'll see how the season goes before thinking too hard about expansion. I mean they should be, although they share a name the identity and location is pretty different so I think it's fine.


Wasnt this why I wasn't allowed to use BMS? :P

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12 hours ago, chrisCLEMENT said:


Wasnt this why I wasn't allowed to use BMS? :P

If you wanted to use the name Blue Mountain State, with literally no other connection besides those 17 letters, that'd be up to you :rolleyes:

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Welcome again to SCAA Gameday, Week 2! Due to technical difficulties this broadcast was pushed back, but we're still rolling! Unfortunately the delay did not give us time for our interview of the week, however we will still see what is on the table today. 

A few things of note,

AJSU is donning their standard homes instead of the blackout combo,

Both Southern Indiana and Santa Monica unveiled new helmets this week,

Southern Indiana introducing their winged helmets, and Santa Monica revealing their "War Party" helmets, inspired by their Azteca mascot headdress.  


Alaska-Juneau State University Kodiaks vs. Quad City College Lions

Coming off a dominant victory, the Kodiaks host QCC before a grueling three week road trip.




Waxahachie State University Buffaloes vs. Lake Tahoe Tech Sierra Guardians

The Buffaloes look to come back from a disappointing week, this time welcoming LTTU to Texas.



Millilani University Mano vs. Robert Gould Shaw University Colonels

The Colonels book their tickets to Hawaii in a matchup of two teams that achieved fair success last week.



Portland Tech University Pioneers vs. University of Southern Indiana Cardinals

Both teams look to build off their success in Week 1 as the Cardinals cross the country to meet the Pioneers.



University of The Iron Legion vs. Rainier Tacoma University Thunder 

The Legion and Thunder look to keep their success going in a battle of two teams at the top of the standings.



University of Santa Monica Aztecas vs. Mercy Valley University Titans

USM plays host once more in Verde Stadium before an exhausting roadtrip, this time hosting the Titans of Mercy Valley.



Once again thanks again to all members for making this possible, the poll is now up and I will put a link here shortly!

Go vote, and leave any C&C you guys have, enjoy!














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It's that time of the week again, welcome to Week 3 of SCAA Gameday! This week we wrap up non-conference play, before entering a league wide bye week. After the bye, conference competition for the Pacific and Continental Conferences will begin! Before this week's coverage, let's look at how the standings are forming.

Pacific Conference Standings

1. Alaska Juneau State University (950 points) =

2. Rainier Tacoma University (800 Points) =

3. University of Santa Monica (700 Points) +3

4. Portland Tech University (550 Points) +2

5. Mililani University (500 Points) -2

6. Lake Tahoe Tech University (400 Points) -3


Continental Conference Standings 

1. University of The Iron (1100 Points) =

3. Mercy Valley University (900 Points) +1

3. Quad City College (650 Points) -1

4. Southern Indiana University (550 Points) =

5. Robert Gould Shaw University (400 Points) =

6. Waxahachie State University (200 Points) =


A lot more movement in the West, with the biggest drop for USM and biggest drop for LTTU. The tops of the standings are consistent, with UTI being the highest scorer so far, followed closely by AJSU and MVU. One last segment before the games this week, I believe we have @Bruins of Portland Tech University joining us this week to contribute to the discussion!

sleuthpanther: Thanks so much for joining us this week, let's get to the discussion. My first question, have the Pioneers met your preseason expectations? Is this where you thought Portland Tech would be in Week 4?

Bruins: Well, you know we're always optimistic about our football program, we got a lot of great kids on this squad, a lot of hunger, so we're pretty happy about where we are right now. But obviously football seasons aren't only 2 weeks long, so we're always looking ahead, always planning, and there's a lot of things we can be doing better. But in short, yeah, we're very happy with our position right now.

sleuthpanther: That's great to hear, bright futures around the SCAA are to be hoped for. There have been a few surprises in the first two weeks, plenty of massive momentum changes from huge point differentials. Is there a team you see in the standings that you think is primed for a huge breakout this week?

Bruins: Yeah, I mean there's an incredible amount of talent in the league this year, what UTI and AJSU are doing is remarkable, and it certainly makes us want to step our game up. But, yeah watching, scouting I expect a nice breakout from RGSU this week hosting the Kodiaks, thats gonna be quite a trek from Alaska to Boston for them. USM's got a nice squad this year too, I look for a quiet jump from them against UTI.

sleuthpanther: A few dark horses out there, should be exciting to see. Let's finish up here with my favorite question. Tell us something we might not know about Portland Tech!

Bruins: Well, we're all about community here at PTU, and our love for the City of Portland shows through our students in a huge way, so one of the causes we've added in recent years is our "Pennies from Heaven" program which encourages students and faculty to put pennies in receptacles all around campus, and 100% of that money goes to Portland area children's hospitals. Kids have really embraced it, and believe it or not 10's of 1000's of dollars have been raised for our local Children's Hospitals so far, and that number is only growing, and growing rapidly at that.

sleuthpanther: A pleasure as always, thanks for your time! Now let's get to this week's matchups.


Robert Gould Shaw University Colonels vs. Alaska-Juneau State University Kodiaks



Lake Tahoe Tech University Sierra Guardians vs. Quad City College Lions



Waxahachie State University Buffaloes vs. Mililani University Mano



Mercy Valley University Titans vs. Portland Tech University Pioneers



University of Southern Indiana Cardinals vs. Rainier Tacoma University Thunder



University of The Iron Legion vs. University of Santa Monica Aztecas  



Very sorry for the late arrival, hectic weekend but here it is at last! Get your votes in, and once more thanks to all the SCAA members for making this possible!


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Really excited to see this restarting! Hope I can get into the SCAA eventually! I really enjoyed working the first time on this. 

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