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  1. Didn’t JCR already make uniforms for these concepts?
  2. UEO- Went with the eagle because its a symbol for the US and Germany, and the "Baron" in question was a German baron who helped the US in the revolutionary war CIIT- The arrow/shell is from a concept I made a loooong time ago, so it holds some sentimental value I guess. I was never really happy with how the fox came out, but oh well! Polaris- Defintely going to revisit. RGSU- Thank you! Might revisit to get a better shape out of the quetzal R&OU- Probably also my favorite so far! RMSU- I think when I flush out the uniforms it'll look even icier! CIU- At this point the script is saying, possibly the most aggravating part of the project was getting something half-decent I liked out of that Thank you for the kind words! Some is research, but a lot are really helpful suggestions given from people which makes it really easy to have a lot of good info to work with! Your thread is awesome, if anything the gold-standard for well-researched concepts On to the next! Tri Rivers University Cavemen Location: Kennewick, WA Affiliation: Pacific Frontier Colors: Neolithic Brown, Columbia Blue, White, Club Brown "Almost Cut My Hair" - Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young School name comes from the confluence of three rivers which this region is centered around, nickname comes from the "Kennewick Man", the oldest human remains found on the continent. Colors are an earthy brown, and a light blue (very nature-y, just seemed right for a caveman). I'm very happy with the primary, an old-school hand holding a club. Meanwhile, I am ABSOLUTELY LOST on the secondary. I tried to go for a chalky cave-drawing-y texture on wood, but I just cant find something I like. Suggestions are NEEDED, thanks in advance guys!
  3. I’d darken the teal just a bit but... wow! I actually dig that
  4. Thanks! I consider Iowa and Central Illinois pretty similar (should ruffle some feathers), and they got stuck with the tornado theme Moving along, back to Colorado! Rocky Mountain State University Mammoths Location: Lakewood, CO Affiliation: Territorial Twelve Colors: Peaks Purple, Pale Gold "Cold Blooded Old Times" - Smog Pretty simple explanation for this one. Rocky Mountains, there are mammoth and other ice-age related animals in them, the rocky mountains are cold like the ice age (?). Purple seemed like a good choice. Sorry guys this one took a while, so I'm kinda phoning in the explanation here Hope you enjoy!
  5. The one on the right is EXCELLENT, such simple shapes but so well done
  6. We'll throw in another one, representing IOWA... Rose & Oak University Owls Location: Des Moines, IA Affiliation: Midwest Union Colors: Garnet, Acorn Gold, White "Good Friday" - The Black Crowes I honestly can't fully remember where this name came from, I believe the rose and oak are the state flower and tree of Iowa. Regardless, it rolls off the tongue. Owls don't hold a super significance, I just think they are a very underrated mascot (and honestly there's not too much cool stuff in Iowa to use as inspiration anyway). Colors are very rich, red for roses and gold for oak acorns (both will be utilized in the uniforms). I'm very pleased with how this turned out, especially the secondary. Hope you guys enjoy, attached below is the map I've been using in case anyone wants to take a gander! C&C always welcome as usual, thanks for popping by
  7. Well... I guess I should finish this Seeing this bumped might've made just a *little*nostalgic. Got the design bug, so it looks I'm back to occasionally throwing some stuff in here. We'll re-re-RE-launch this with a trip down south... Rio Grande State University Mayans Location: Laredo, TX Affiliation: Super Central Colors: Jungle Green, Jade, Sol Yellow "Standing On The Shore"- Empire Of The Sun Wanted to treat this one with a lot of respect... there's obviously a lot going on with any name or imagery of Indigenous people. I was careful not to use any symbols that hold incredibly religious or cultural importance, as well as avoiding any disrespectful caricatures. In this concept, I kept things simple. A Pyramid, and a bird called the Quetzal (found in regions that the Mayans were based in). I compare this to SDSU Aztecs, realistically Aztecs never were that far north but the area is still heavily influenced by the culture of people's from further south. If I am off-base, or this in any way crosses any lines, please let me know! Either way.. happy to be back!
  8. If only we could have a browns vs bills super bowl, would be the absolute rowdiest game in football history
  9. Getting back on uniform talk, As much as I like the UNC throwbacks I hope they don’t change from their current look anytime soon. The argyle is unbelievably good looking AND unique, one of the best modern uniforms do date IMO
  10. UNC vs TAMU looks really good. I rarely say this, but I think more colored accessories would’ve really made it pop. Some blue socks/maroon socks would’ve added a lot to an already great looking matchup
  11. Time for my annual reminder of how much I dislike the CFB playoff logo
  12. I have similar feelings about Minnesota today, they used to look so good
  13. PAC 12 looked great, Big 10 looked awesome, big 12 looked awful, ACC looks fantastic as well. Honestly ISU vs OU is a hard matchup to look good (although it definitely could’ve looked better than today), just so much dark red and not a lot going on. These other games have BEAUTIFUL color contrast to start.
  14. Relax man, it’s just not that deep.
  15. ^Disagree. White pants look spectacular, this is one of my favorite matchups of the year (the traditional choices between division opponents are nice but this one we just won’t see as much).