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  1. It would be a good start for a first-time poster on the boards. But for a professional organization of any kind, it’s not polished enough by any means.
  2. Not bad for your first attempt. Thicken up the lines! Do that and this logo will appear a lot more professional looking. Another thing would be to switch the eye to navy, and add a pupil. It’ll look more uniform without a random bit of light blue, and it looks like a mask without the pupil. Like I said it’s not bad for an early idea, make sure you’re looking at professional logos based off human faces to see some other things you can improve on.
  3. This is just a shot in the dark, but did you make a different account to comment on your posts with?
  4. For AZ, don’t run with the state flag thing. It’s so overused, and there are so many other paths of inspiration for the state. I’d run with old D-backs colors, purple teal and copper are very recognizable and unique for AZ. Maybe do something Hopi/Navajo inspired, or something taken from the landscape (the mesas, sunsets, cacti and all that other cool stuff)
  5. My brain KNOWS that first Saint John’s logo is ugly as sin... but my heart is telling me the same it told me about the navy/red Iowa State cardinal-in-a-cyclone logo. Something about that color scheme is intriguing, it’d be interesting if a school ran with that scheme again.
  6. I think the real life update is closer to the original design... but that’s not necessarily a good thing. Your update is infinitely better, well done
  7. University of South Florida Bulls. Why is it shaped like a "U"? Cause it's a university? Pretty outdated imo.
  8. Well don’t worry. Since the NCAA hates individuality, new uniform codes are being enforced this year about shirts hanging out from under the jersey, exposed back plates, and exposed knees. At least at the level I play at, they’re taking this pretty seriously.
  9. Jersey looks better IMO, but you’re right about the pants. Make them match the helmet again and that looks damn good.
  10. Unpopular opinion I guess, but I loved the shell helmets. If the pattern was a little lighter I think it’d be a really good look for them.
  11. Just match the pants stripe with the helmet/jersey stripe. I really dig that font too, it’s unique to NDSU and I’m glad they kept it. So close...
  12. It's been a minute, but just wanted to get some feedback on something I've been working on. Lake Forest College Rugby has been one of the most successful clubs on the LF campus, but has never been more than a club. In recent years the competition has increased dramatically, and the move to a full-fledged varsity program looks realistic. With this in mind, I made something that could be considered the first official crest of this club. Hope you guys enjoy, comments and criticism are always appreciated!
  13. Agreed with @dakotapalm. However, these are getting much better. Eastern Texas is a clever start, and Central Louisiana is a very well-rendered logo. It looks like you put some time into designing these, put that same time into the rest and this will be a great project!