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  1. If people keep telling you the same thing, maybe it is something you need to “fix”. Learn to take criticism man, you were doing better don’t start regressing.
  2. I was actually talking about the sleeve striping. Look at the real packers jerseys, and look at yours. I get they’re not supposed to be identical, but realistic striping is never that small.
  3. Milan Bulls (this was a hard one, Alpines could work too) Rome Twins Paris Lights Amsterdam Princes Frankfurt Eagles Munich Bavarians Vienna Imperials Dublin Druids Manchester Tradesmen Madrid Dragons (reference to don Quixote)
  4. I think your comment game needs a little work my guy. Anyways, I’d vote red/black/yellow personally.
  5. That’s alright... take your time! No need to rush content out, you got a lot to learn. It feels like you’re being more receptive to C&C, so that’s a start in the right direction.
  6. Being a cardinals fan, I wanted something different than the OCEAN of Larry fitz jerseys you normally see. So I got a Daryl Washington jersey, a promising young LB. After he was suspended first for domestic abuse, and then twice for banned substances before getting kicked off the team, I decided to get a Calais camble jersey. A year or two after I got it, he was traded to the jaguars. When that happened, I got a tyrann Matthieu jersey. A year or two after that, he was signed by the Texans. I don’t know what kind of bad juju I’m bringing with these jerseys, but I’ve been afraid to buy a cardinals jersey since.
  7. Definitely B, A would be a far second
  8. sleuthpanther


    That “AFA” in the middle is from the Argentine Football Association. Probably shouldn’t be taking elements directly from other logos on this board tbh
  9. They need NEON blue and NEON yellow (might as well throw in some NEON BLACK with it as well)
  10. That yellow/yellow/white combo is unreal. I wouldn’t get rid of the white, but if this was a set that Oregon actually had, I would make sure they never went all-white in an away game. Those colors look too beautiful to ever waste a game in a stormtrooper look.
  11. Saracens are a rugby team that play at the highest level of English club rugby. They are the New England Patriots of Premiership Rugby, with their recent dominance as of late making them one of the more infamous clubs across Europe. The term Saracen was used as a general term by European writers during the middle ages to describe any muslims/arabs. According to Wikipedia, the name of the club was said to have come from "endurance, enthusiasm and perceived invincibility of Saladin's desert warriors of the 12th century". What is interesting is that, during the twelfth century, these desert warriors were using these incredible skills to kill English knights in the Crusade. This name has always interested me, because I can't think of any equivalent. Sarries logo is literally what the Ottoman Empire would look like as a modern corporation, and there are people on these boards refuse to consider the throwback Patriots jerseys as an option because they are red (and the color red= redcoats duh). It obviously helps they are drawing from a conflict as old as the Crusades, but it's still fascinating to me that they use an enemy that killed Englishmen in the past as their mascot. Are here any other sports teams that are named after an adversary of some kind? What if there was an American team, in any sport, called the "Hessians"? Would this ever be an option for a team in the United States?