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  1. This is a pretty underrated thread, you’ve been super receptive to C&C and it shows through the progress! All your updates have been good! I think simplifying parts like the hair a tad would be more in line with my personal taste, but I’m nitpicking at this point Keep up the good work my friend
  2. Arizona’s colors are OUTSTANDING, and great update to Oakland. Nice work as usual!
  3. I think I have an expectation for things to get weird in that matchup, I actually liked how that game looked a lot.
  4. Eastern Tennessee's college be in Oak Ridge.

  5. The School For Southwest Pennsylvania  should be in Washington, Just South of Pittsburgh.

  6. The team in northeast pennsylvania should be called dunder mifflin university, because its scranton.

  7. For the team from west Michigan, you should put them in muskegon.

  8. Could I still create college for for thread