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  1. These are all outstanding, the details on Pittsburgh are truly fantastic. They are all something familiar, but at the same time actually new and refreshing. I could go on, but I’ll just say keep up the good work
  2. WHY IS REDWOLVES SO POPULAR AM I LOSING MY MIND!!?? By far the most “liked” name on social media, it is so painfully generic it hurts
  3. Yea I’m not vibing with it. I don’t like all the gray, and although the old one was cartoonish it just had more of a college feel. A touch up to the older one would’ve been my course of action
  4. When the tarheels do it right... they have a top 5 look in college football.
  5. Fun USC concept! I’d just change the away jersey feathers to match the pants. The helmet looks a little wonky in design, but in practice (the reference pic helped) it would look pretty gnarly.
  6. There seems to be a historical precedent for it, and it’s safer than going for a caricature of Scottish guy at this point in time. I’d hardly call it an eyesore, the tartan spices it up pretty nicely imo
  7. I like it! Their last set was pretty bleh, the tartan is an obvious choice but still looks great. Kinda unsure about the monogram, but overall upgrade
  8. I think the old school double stripe will always be my preferred look, but this made me think REAL hard. The hint of copper is a phenomenal choice, super nice work!
  9. Agree with all except the Steelers ^
  10. @Section30, good catch! Fixed. @TheHealthiestScratchShould be updated, lemme know what your Cali perspective is Let's mix it up today, got a few pieces! University of Eastern Ohio Barons Location: Steubenville, OH Affiliation: Power East Colors: Prussian Blue, Officer Gold, White "Berlin Got Blurry" - Parquet Courts Everything about this identity is based off the city's namesake, Baron Von Steuben. He was prussian officer from the american revolution, and that influenced a lot of the design. There is another team from the Power East that has a colonial identity locked in, so I had to stay away from tri-corner hats and that. I took a ton from a very popular painting of Von Steuben, including the colors and the secondary "medal" shape (that is Ohio in the middle of the medal). The primary is an eagle, a bridge between American pride and of the Prussian imagery (I wanted to stay away from more blocky eagle designs, out of fear it would look more, er, later german influenced). It's pretty simple, but I think works well! We got some more uniform designs, first VMU! I don't usually like big helmet logos, but I think this one fits well. The rest of the design takes cues from the logo as well. THIS ONE I expect some feedback on, CIU! The Harlequins take their queues from real Harlequins of the past, especially the diamond design. The jersey is the best example, with diamonds running up the shoulder and the number on the other side. Not many teams will rock monochrome, but in this world CIU is famous for their eye-popping all yellow combo (obviously contrasting socks). I think I'll wait putting out more jersey designs until I get conference logos done, as I'm realizing I'll have to repost all of these w/ conference logos at some point. C&C welcome as usual!
  11. That's awesome to hear I changed it up a bit, lmk what you think! Made a ton of edits to UNC! SSU will be a work in progress, it ended up looking more disjointed than I hoped. It'll be a while, but expect a brand new-ish Monsoons soon! (with same color scheme). I will be going WILD with the gradients on the alts do not worry Brightened the green a tad, but didn't like the almost apple green look I got after too much brightening. As mentioned above, SSU will have a completely new look. You are spot on, I was trying to jam way too much into one logo. Expect a much more cohesive brand down the road (still unsure about name as well, a lot to think about!) Much appreciated! First of all, thank you everyone for the C&C! These were two that I liked, but knew wouldn't be their final form. For now, all I got is a UNC edit. Going with the "sun" theme definitely gave me a direction to go in on this one (and as a school that would make sense to be the focal point of the brand, what else is there to hype up about Redding ya know?). The Sun Condor makes up the primary (solo condor is relegated to tertiary). The secondary aaaalmost looks like Austin Peay (I noticed that after the fact I assure you). The "N" in NC is made up of the famous Sundial Bridge in Redding, and also gives off a "flight" vibe appropriate for the Condors. The Green is lightened a tad, but I like how the yellow pops so I didn't go too crazy. I'm on a kinda uniform kick right now, so here are two more sets! First we have Mideastern Michigan: The Smiths have an old-school look, topped off with mismatching home and away jerseys. They're a pretty no-frills team, with the exception of the Washington style stripeless pants to be worn on occasion. Next, the Okies! Another traditional team, the okies stick to their basic set in most cases. Obviously some big inspiration from Michigan's road set. I'm pretty happy with how these turned out, hope you guys enjoy and C&C is always welcome!
  12. Much appreciated I dig both, they'll both pop up a lot. As I'll mention below as well, tweaks to Makatawa are going less than stellar, but they're being done so hopefully I have something soon. Thank you! Something about the colors and it all came together really well. You should've seen the first draft... woof. I changed the Medgar Evans monogram to a stacked look, not sure when I'll get around to posting but I'm sure you can imagine what it looks like. Encountering some difficulty tweaking MU correctly, but I agree and I'm continuing working on it! Here are a few more while we're at it! University of Northern California Condors Location: Redding, CA Affiliation: Pacific Frontier Colors: Hunter Green, Black, Yellow "Dead End Friends" - Them Crooked Vultures Although the condors are not ~typically~ found as North as Redding, I love using one as a mascot and it's not too far off from a historical reason for use. It makes sense, ok? The primary is said mascot. The secondary has a little backstory... At one point in history, Redding was the proposed capital of a newly formed state called "Jefferson", which intended to separate from the rest of Cali. It obviously failed, but speaks to the animosity between this region and the rest of the state (specifically SF). Lets say this regional animosity stretches over to the ACAF as well. So as a big "FU" to the bay area (GGU), they use a secondary that closely resembles the proposed state seal of Jefferson (with switched letters). I thought it was a cool idea, but if its too out there lmk what I could replace it with. Saguaro State University Monsoons Location: Tucson, AZ Affiliation: Territorial Twelve Colors: Cactus Green, Sand Gold, Black "Fire In The Hole" - Steely Dan Monsoons are huge storms that happen in AZ during, monsoon season in the summer. The primary combines the namesake cactus, the lightning of the storm, and the star from the AZ flag. The secondary I was stumped on... obviously the initials "SS" with lightning bolt imagery is a no-go. I knew that their actual mascot was going to be a quail, so I did a super simple quail for now. AND I FINALLY CRACKED. Here are the first uniforms of the ACAF... enjoy! We're going to wind aaaaall the way back in the same order that the schools were introduced. Starting with the javelinas of Grand Canyon College (I haven't figured out exactly how I want to present these, but this is what'll look like for now). Each team will be shown three combinations to showcase their combo possibilities, although for future plans they can have more (and crazy alts and one-offs are planned but will not be shown for now). I won't do too much explaining on these. TEQUILA SUNRISE baby, wanted to let the colors shine and simplify everything else.
  13. It seems like half their teams are doing really well and pulling in some solid revenue, and the other half couldn’t pay fans to be in the stands. Not sure how much longer they can keep this up, there’s only so many teams to name after alcoholic beverage sponsors.
  14. I think the logo isn’t bad, but wish it had some color to it. Maybe it’s just the helmet color choice that looks dull? Either way just meh. CLT is dumb as heck though