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  1. Let's stick around in the Northeast for a while, swarming in from Vermont... Green Mountain State University Colony Location: Burlington, VT Affiliation: Power East Colors: Olive Green, Red Orange, Sand "O Green World" - Gorillaz The Green Mountains cut through the entirety of Vermont, which comes from the french "Verd Mont" (Green Mountain). Bees are having a lot of problems in Vermont, but they are fundamental to the health of ecosystems of the state. Now, the name. I usually HATE singular names for sports teams... but this one was too perfect. One of the original American colonies, AND the name for a group of bees?? If the response is negative I totally understand, but it was good change of pace right? Since they are a colony, and not just one bee, the primary is a duo of bees aggressively moseying somewhere. The odd shape of the secondary, a beehive, is meant to mirror the shape of the state of Vermont. Lastly, the colors reflect the stunning changing of leaf colors that the state is known for (I'm also a sucker for gold accents on orange, blame the SF Giants and OSU Beavers). I also updated the Collier secondary with a minor but VERY necessary tweak, let me know what you guys think of The Colony!
  2. This has been in my mind for quite some time now, but it was the Falcons releasing their updated uniforms (and every subsequent concept on the boards correcting their mistakes) that really pushed it to the forefront. Seemingly every concept I see, and even the Falcons themselves in their actual uniforms, base their uniform design off the sharp, angular wings of the falcon logo. I realize that like everything else it really should be treated on a case by case basis, but I'm curious what everyone has a preference for. Personally, I'm more impressed with a solid looking uniform that DOES NOT use an shapes/design from their logo. There's just more visual elements to look at, rather than repeated elements of the logo that is already present. I'm drawn a lot more to sets like the one below, which is coincidentally one of my favorite uniforms of all time.
  3. Much appreciated! Currently working on some edits for it, should be up later today Thank you so much! I wanted to avoid something that looked like the Oilers, and going with the pumpjack was the only thing that really looked different. I can totally see where you're coming from on that... my thought process was that if the horse and rider looked too similar, it would look blobby on smaller applications. Even though it looks a little disjointed, at least the two are obviously separate parts of the logo. However, I'll mess with it a little today and see if I can work something out! Only reason I'll stick with red will be the silver helmets in their eventual uniforms and the white lightning might get a little lost! Completely agree with you on the monogram, anything you think I could do to modern-ly spice it up? I'd like to stick with a circus looking font if at all possible, it plays into the vintage magician posters that inspired this design in the first place. Thanks for the C&C everyone, I'm happy everyone is still enjoying these designs! Might get a new school out, fiddling some old deigns at the moment.
  4. For the team from west Michigan, you should put them in muskegon.

  5. The response to this on social media has been very unique... the only way I can really describe it is that it seems like people are finally catching on to when teams try gimmicky crap like this. It's a lot of purely negative commentary, but what's really interesting is that all the positive things have a "but". Someone will say they like the helmet, but the "ATL" looks really out of place. Or the same thing about the random chrome facemask, or the drop shadow, or the piping. I've never seen people so negative about the little gimmicks, but it's refreshing to see. Also A LOT of comparisons to the Mean Machine and NCAA Teambuilder uniforms, which is definitely warranted.
  6. That is an excellent looking set, colors pop and the primary is really well-done. One thing I would do is try to interlock the G and V, but besides that looks great!
  7. Let's make sure every team's got at least one dancing partner hm? From the land of coal and moonshine, West Virginia... Appalachian Christian University Colliers Location: Charleston, WV Affiliation: Power East Colors: Overcast Blue, Black, Canary Yellow "Little Black Submarines" - The Black Keys/ "Canary" - Honeysuckle West Virginia is a pretty religious place, a lot of local, unaffiliated churches. Because of this I went with the broad moniker (unlike Bama Baptist). There might be ONE more private/religiously affiliated school, this may be the last one. Obviously the Colliers had to represent Appalachia... and that's where the name comes from. What is a collier you might ask? A coal mine worker, a big part of WV. The colors are from coal, the general dreariness the state exudes, and the star of the primary... a canary. A canary is associated closely with coal mining, and I thought a good symbol for the school to use. The primary is pretty self explanatory. The secondary is a determined collier trudging to work, with the light from his headlamp showing the silhouette of a canary. I hope you guys enjoy, I'm feeling back in the groove again! As well as this, felt it was finally worth sharing the map I've been using now that it's looking a bit more populated. Enjoy that as well (it might give you a little sneak peak of some identities I'm thinking for the future), C&C is appreciated as usual!
  8. Most likely I'll wait until I've progressed further in that conference, wait until I have a better idea of what other teams look like and change them to whatever the color needed for variety is! We're going out into the BOONIES for this one, hailing from Lower Idaho... University of Southern Idaho Wizards Location: Twin Falls, ID Affiliation: Pacific Frontier Colors: Red, Navy, Silver, White "Magic Arrow" - Timber Timbre The Wizards the single newest rebrand in the ACAF. Gone was the old, tired brand revolving around the mascot affectionately known as "Gandalf", instead replaced with a package meant to evoke the work of traveling magicians of the vintage United States (I was inspired partly through the Buster Scruggs episode). The area of Idaho which Twin Falls is in is known as the Magic Valley, not for the presence of magicians but hey . The primary is a crystal ball held up by two well dressed hands (presumably with cards up their sleeves), with symbols like the star, lightning, and crescent moon all being general wizard imagery. The secondary is a "SI" for Southern Idaho, which coincidentally looks like a dollar sign (which is what all those traveling magicians were after right?). This was a VERY fun one to work on, let me know what you guys think of the Wizards!
  9. Original post has a bunch of updates, thank you for the comments! Added front legs for now, think it looks pretty crisp (couple other small linework changes). Thank you for the kind words on the secondary One of the simplest designs I've done in this thread, but very happy with it! I've been grappling with this for a while... would a switch to blue entirely be better than green? I want to keep them to either blue/green, silver and white (I have a very lions-look for them planned out).
  10. Aaaaaaaaaand WE'RE BACK! Staying in the Super Central, representing Arkansas Highlands... Ouachita University Racers Location: Hot Springs, Arkansas Affiliation: Super Central Colors: Go Green, Black, White "Mountain At My Gate" - Foals (I cannot recommend enough songs by them) The Arkansas highlands are a pretty nutty place. The town of Hot Springs specifically is known for 1) being a popular mobster hangout during prohibition and 2) horse racing. Since I already have some criminal-bad to the bone identities planned, this one seemed like it would be more fun. The Ouachitas are mountains/forest preserves that take up most of Northwestern Arkansas, hence the name. The primary is a jockey hauling ass on his horse out of an "O". Overall I'm very pleased with it, but not as pleased with the detailing in the horse so extra C&C on the horse is appreciated! The bottom half of the secondary is a horseshoe (which looks like a U), which combined with the top segment makes an "O" (OU!). Very happy to catch a little wind of creativity, it's been tough sledding the last couple days. Let me know what you guys think, thanks as always!
  11. Thanks for the kind words, this series has been a lot more fun with all the good c&c coming in! Well, I managed to stir up some creativity today. Roaring in from West Texas... Texas School of Wells Prairie Dogs Location: Midland, TX Affiliation: Super Central Colors: Red, Black, Gold "Sing Along" - Sturgill Simpson Took some inspiration from the Colorado School of Mines for this school name, I don't think "Schools of Wells" exist in real life but it helps spice up the names a bit. Drilling and agriculture are big out in West Texas, so I rolled with the one that was a little more unique from other areas of the country. At one point in time, it's said you couldn't walk through West Texas without seeing a prairie dog scurrying around somewhere. As well as this, they're burrowing critters which made sense with oilers diggin around in the ground. The primary is a simple TW for "Texas Wells" (the common name). The secondary is a prairie dog on alert in front of a pump jack. I tried to keep the detailing to a minimum with the prairie dog because he's already such a comparatively small part of the logo. The hexagon looked vaguely industrial so I rolled with it. Well, this is all I got for today. C&C is what's keeping this thing going, thanks in advance as usual guys!
  12. Awesomely creative concept, I would pay money to see that Vols uniform in real life
  13. Unfortunately not what I was going for... check the image below for an updated concept that hopefully gets rid of the confusion! Replaced the axe with the Northern Star, a symbol of Minnesota and a nice reference to their most-northern position in the ACFA Fixed, looks like an inconsistency from the paper sketch made it in on accident! The Iron range is what I was referring to, I assumed when I read it that it was some kind of mountain range! Mistake on my part, hopefully it does not take away from the concept too much Could not unsee it after this comment, fixed! You have a good eye sir, big changes below! The nose with more of a point looked a little off so I kept it, and the eye will stay for now as well until I figure out a different approach. Hunchback is fixed, and the snout is BIGTIME adjusted. Finally getting happy with it, this was very helpful advice thank you! Harlequins are still giving me a bit of trouble, going to have to revisit them a bit later for a facial do-over and a new secondary. Very thankful for the kind words on the rest ('Bama Baptist is probably my favorite as well so far, even thought I have no love for the state in any other context) I've had to stop myself from rushing lately, lots of ideas floating around for uniforms! No new concepts today, hit a little bit of a creative slump the last few days. Should have something out pretty soon, but don't want any half-assed stuff in this thread if I can help it. Below are the updated concepts for ABU and Superior, any if anyone has any regions they want specifically to see please let me know so I can force some concentration into this project!
  14. Those glasses kill me, agreed! Reworked the face quite a bit, let me know what you think Definitely a bit tricky... thanks for the tip! Here's what I came up with, let me know how I did And lastly, we obviously couldn't leave today without another new school! Representing Superior Mountains Minnesota... Superior College Giants Location: Hibbing, Minnesota Affiliation: Midwest Union Colors: Burgundy, Babe(y) Blue (Ok this one was too easy), White "Giant" - Banks and Steelz The most northern school in the ACAF takes it's identity from the legend of Paul Bunyan (the giant lumberjack), and Babe the Blue Ox (equally as giant). Ole Paul supposedly was born somewhere in this northern, mountainous part of Minnesota. The primary is Babe the blue ox in all his glory, the secondary pays homage to the other half of the legend, Paul's axe. This one was a pretty simple explanation, but I'm very happy with how it turned out. C&C is always welcomed, on the Giants as well as the updated previous sets!
  15. First of all, love the school name. It can be really difficult to think of original school names, and you've definitely done that. I think the concept will be really polished if you stick to only two of the colors (IMO red rock and hoodoo orange). If you're planning on doing as many schools as I think you are, having more simplified color schemes for each school will help keep each one more unique. You've also picked a really unique nickname, but looks like you've run into a bit of trouble in the logo for it. Picking a logo base solely off a natural land-form will always been tricky, because it ends up looking really blobbish by the end of tracing linework. Run with the hammer thing, but really try to simplify it down to it's key shapes. As well as this, I'd get rid of the text on your primary or secondary. Make the hammer thing the real focal point of the logo, the text will only clutter it. Personally, I think you really have something to work with with your tertiary, go with it! I know I just threw a lot at you, but it's a good start and it will look even better with a bit more polish! Looking forward to what else you come up with