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Fun MLB Alternate Uniform Concepts


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Hi all,


Decided to create a fun and new alternate concept for each MLB team, starting with the AL East then moving all the way down to the NL West. I will also be stating the style I used as well. Leave your thoughts in the comments. Without further ado, here are my AL East concepts:


Baltimore Orioles (Fauxback): Using the "swinging bird" logo, I created the first Orioles jersey to not feature the traditional text used. The uniform also follows the style of the 1970s-1990s uniforms with extra long sleeves and similar piping. The cap remains the same as the one they currently use.


Boston Red Sox (City/Boston Strong): In spite of not fitting the team name at all in terms of colors, the uniform uses the colors of the Boston city flag and evokes a sense of city pride (if not for the hat having a canny resemblance to the UCLA bruins logo). This uniform is meant to embody and empower the city of Boston on game-day.


New York Yankees (1930s Throwback): The Yankees have been lacking any form of an alternate uniform for ages and this glory days throwback expresses enough class and style to be fit for the historical organization. The logo features a faded white and the old jersey and hat logos from the 1930s-40s.


Tampa Bay Rays (Traditional): While not the most exciting alternate, it makes a much needed addition of the "Tampa Bay" name into the lore of the organization.


Toronto Blue Jays (Past-Meets-Present): Using the old style of the Jays since the teams inception, but featuring the modern logo and font makes this alternate a classy and nostalgic addition to their Canadian pride alternate.


Up Next: AL Central

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Nice designs! It's odd that the jersey logo and number are on the same side of the Baltimore jersey, though. I'd put the number even with the Swinging Bird on the opposite side of the jersey or drop it altogether. 


Keep up the good work!

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AL Central added:

Chicago White Sox (Past Meets Present): Using the White Sox's current black and white color scheme on a 1970s-80s throwback creates a nice nod back to the past while using the unique color scheme.


Cleveland Indians (City Pride): The jersey features a patch featuring the Cleveland city flag logo, with the designs on it replaced with the Indians' historical logos and the color being the Indians' current color scheme.


Detroit Tigers (Fauxback): Using an updated variation of the Tigers' 1980s logo with the 2000s tiger face inside, this blue alternate jersey pays homage to the old teams, while this jersey was never official to begin with.


Kansas City Royals (Traditional): I used the Royals old baby blue on top of their new "crown" logo used mostly for BP. The uniform also contains a lot more gold to emphasize that color in the organization.


Minnesota Twins (Traditional): While it was difficult to come up with a nice design for Minnesota, I decided on making a red alternate uniform. While this uniform isn't anything unique, it will allow the Twins to stand out.



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For the White Sox, I'd give the cap a white front panel with silver bill.


The Indians look nice. I really like the look of the shield on their jersey. 


The Tigers jersey logo is a little busy. Maybe just use the roaring tiger head without the roundel?


The Royals jersey is a little plain, and metallic gold doesn't really work well with powder blue. 

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The AL West has been added:

Houston Astros (Present Meets Past): I used the infamous Astros "rainbow/spectrum" uniforms from the 1970s-80s as the basis for this uniform. I replaced the peripheral colors of yellow and red with the current color scheme of orange and blue, to give the modern color and uniform scheme some representation on an otherwise classic uniform.


LA Angels (City Pride): I used the traditional Angels elements used for the past decade, but paid some homage to the city of Anaheim's flag, especially after the Angels stopped using the city in their team name. The silver is replaced with the yellow from the flag and some of the flag's baby blue is added, giving a mixed pride and fauxback look.


Oakland A's (Fauxback): The elephant finally gets its fair due on the A's uniform, combining that and the colors and style of the 80s A's to create a new fake throwback uniform that looks classic and classy.


Seattle Mariners (Present Meets Past): As pioneers of the past meets present uniform, I decided to flip it and create a uniform using the modern colors but using an older version of the Mariners logos. While it wanes in comparison to the Mariners' brilliant past meets present right right now. I also brought back the teal cap for the first time since the 90s.


Texas Rangers (Traditional): While this uniform may look similar to their current red alternate, there are some notable differences. First, the sleeves have an added color to the ends. Second, and most prominently, the front now reads "Rangers" for the first time since the 90s, giving the team name some love for once. Finally, the right sleeve now features the Rangers' Texas alternate used during Spring Training.


The NL East comes next...


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NL East Added:

Atlanta Braves (Cherokee Pride): In honor of the Cherokee Braves, this Braves alternate features the insignia and design of the native group's flag to wear the Braves name proudly.


Miami Marlins (Past Meets Present): While the colors of the former Florida Marlins are missed, they have been brought back to create a black and teal past meets present alternate, celebrating the former franchise while keeping the current franchise design in mind.


New York Mets (90s Fauxback/City Pride): The style of this uniform can be classified as ugly and 90s-esque, but the NYC skyline with a flat Mets script creates probably the most unique alternate uniform and celebrates the city and the team. The pant stripe is also notably the same pattern as the NYC flag.


Philadelphia Phillies (70s-80s Throwback): The Phillies design hasn't seen much change outside of the 70s and 80s. The logical route for the Phillies is to go beyond the expected and bring back the somewhat ugly baby blue uniform and logos from this era. The shade of red is adjusted to the modern shade as well.


Washington Nationals (City Pride): The much less used DC logo is given new reason with this alternate shaped around Washington DC. The notable part of this uniform that differentiates itself from the usual alternate uniforms is the DC flag striping on the sleeves.


Up Next: NL Central

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After a long wait, decided to go forward with this series. I give you the NL Central:

Chicago Cubs (City Pride): Featuring the colors of the chicago city flag, recolored logos, and a throwback font for the Cubs reading "Chicago" shows off the power of the Cubs and the Windy City.


Milwaukee Brewers (Traditional/City Pride hybrid): Featuring the colors of the new Milwaukee city flag, along with recolored Brewers logos, prominently featuring a new yellow from the flag. However, the design is still not extreme and can fall into the traditional alternate category too.


Pittsburgh Pirates (City Pride): This city pride is not the traditional city flag color type. Instead, the main color of the jersey is a shiny gradient meant to look like steel, obviously referencing the city's manufacturing history. The logos are recolored to match the metallic color of the jersey.


St Louis Cardinals (City Pride/Fauxback): Featuring the designs from the St Louis city flag on the pant and St Louis lettering, along with the 70s-80s Cardinals jersey color, this hybrid mixes old school cool with the city of St Louis' uniqueness.


Cincinnati Reds (1890s Throwback): It was hard coming up with a new alternate for the Reds, especially considering their identity really hasn't changed much, but decided to go back to the beginning. The 1890s logo for the Reds is prominently featured on the chest and the hat goes logo-less, like the time as well.




Let me know what you think/CC!


Closing off the series with the NL West soon!

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To end this series, here is the NL West:


Arizona Diamondbacks (State Pride): While the black uniform may not deviate as much as other city uniforms, both the cap logo and the chest logo are recolored to feature the design of the iconic Arizona state flag.


Colorado Rockies (State Pride): Featuring the Colorado "c" prominently on the chest and a spring training hat recolor featuring the Colorado flag, this state pride uniform perfectly encapsulates the Rockies.


Los Angeles Dodgers (Traditional): With arguably the best uniform in baseball, it was hard to come up with a special uniform without looking too cheesy. So I went the traditional route with a simple but recognizable blue alternate, featuring a white brim on the cap and the Los Angeles city insignia on the sleeve.


San Francisco Giants (1980s Throwback): With an orange uniform already in existence, I felt it nice to send the Giants back to the 80s with their orange uniforms featuring classic arm sleeves, pant piping, and older shades.


San Diego Padres (City Pride): The Padres feature extremely forgettable jerseys right now and a constantly changing color scheme. I decided to use the "SD" uniform and recolor it to the red and yellow of the San Diego city flag.


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