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My expansion NBA team in St. Louis


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I agree. It's a tad plain. I'd add silver highlights to it, but I really like the arch on the shorts, really creative. And I'd also ditch the STL, and go with EXPLORERS on the home, and ST.LOUIS for the road. Hope that helps.

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It's a start, but there's so much more that could be done do it.

For starters, don't just rip off the "STL" from the Cardinals. Unless it's begin done as a tribute to a past athletic team, or an official emblem of the city (like NYC and the NY logo used by the Yankees and Knicks for a time), come up with a different version of it. You don't even need it on the jerseys, really. Just have them both say "Explorers", or put "St. Louis" on the roads.

The name with the underline looks like an afterthought. There are more athletic looking fonts out there, try to use one of them.

Is the arch with red underneath it the logo? I don't understand its placement in between the jersey and the shorts, when it's not repeated anywhere else. Maybe it would tie in better if the arched area on the shorts was in red as well, and have the numbers in white.

The same can be said for the road jerseys. Play around with colorizing the different areas of the uniform. Use white numbers/letters on the road, or put a white outline around the blue text.

Here's a concept I did recently for a fantasy basketball team from St. Louis. This might give you an idea of how to colorize some of the arched areas. I'm not saying to rip it off entirely, but there's an infinite amount of possibilites with an arch, so find inspiration where you can.


Keep at it. Good luck.

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It's just a little bit too bland for my liking. The name has potential, but I'm not a huge fan of the STL on a basketball jersey

Don't take anything personal, seems everyone made some good suggestions.

I love the name! Good concept, the Red unis would look nice with the Silver that was suggested. I agree, need a "new" STL, you can create something new and unique - go for it, let your imagination fly. Keep up the good work! :D

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