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Titans concept


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i think the red outline should be more noticeable. i always thought the T sleeve logo was shaped like a necktie, so i always thought they should use the regular T logo thats on the helmet (w/o the flames). also, the numbers are kinda hard to read becasue they are so tall and skinny. just a little more balance is needed.

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More red? Thank god.

I don't know about the helmet. It's too plain. Perhaps add some more red stripes. Speaking of stripes, the pant one is too dull. Add some detail to it, like maybe more red. The jerseys have too much powder blue; they need more red. The numbers are cool, but a uni-colour is not. They need, you guessed it, more red!

As you can see, I'm a red fanatic. You can change what you want, hopefully it'll be red. That's my rant over.

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