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Zoneranger's Whozis #111


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Boy I hope Phillyfan is seeing a differant picture to me, or he has it badly wrong, although according to some he has the sex right. I believe that is Eva Klobukowska. Female bronze medalist in the 100m and gold medalist in the 4 x 100 m relay. However she later failed a sex test, and was declared a man, although apparently she later had a healthy child!!

Wnat to know more about intersexism in sport? no oh well I will post the link anyway!


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how the :censored: can you fail a sex test?? makes no sense, or can't it tell what sex it is

Failed a sex test!!

I failed a few maths tests in school 20 years ago, but that puts it in perspective.

As for intersexism in the world... :shocked:

I'm a bit like that guy in the movie Broken Arrow.

"I'm not sure what's worse, that someone's stolen a nuclear weapon, or that it happens so frequently we have a code for it."

Adapt that for intersexism.

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For those too lazy to read the article, basically said athlete (boy odo I hope its the right answer now!) was born with an extra chromosome, so as she had two X chromosomes (As a woman would have) and a Y chromosome (which denotes a man) She I believe had the outer appearance of a woman as well as female sexual organs, but that extra chromosome messed up the test!

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You sure know your Olympic trivia Saintsfan, and Phillyfan, some would say that you're lucky you can't see the posted photo! :blink:

ha ha sure do! This one I sort of remembered the story from the pic, just coz, well she looks a bit freaky, did a bit of digging around on the internet and found the answer!

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