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Jersey sponsor question

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As many of you know and have debated the pros and cons of on this site, most European sports teams have a large sponsor logo on the front of the jersey. My question is: if that sponsor is an alcohol based company or brewery, what do they do for replica kid's jerseys? 1. Keep the aponsor logo, so little Johnny is running around wearing a large beer advertisement, 2) Have the kid's jerseys with a different sponsor, 3) no sponsor logo at all on the kid's jerseys or 4)something I haven't thought of yet, but maybe someone has an idea.

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From what I've seen in England, the kids' replica shirts go sponsorless.  Newcastle United did this a couple years ago with a scummy payday lender logo: 



Which is also what the team does when they play someplace that prohibits alcohol ads, like France.


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Rules vary from country to country - here in England at least, alcohol and gambling firms are prohibited by law from having their logo on child-sized replica kits. What they do instead varies from club to club...

  • Some simply sell blank children's shirts, no sponsor logo at all.
  • Some add the logo of a charity the club supports.
  • On some occasions, the sponsor will have an alternative product they'll promote on the shirt instead. Everton are an example - when they were sponsored by brewer Chang a few years back, the firm put the logo of their soft drink offering on the jersey instead.

The first two options are the most common, though. I was always jealous of Mrs Jaffa (who can fit into a 'large boy' size) being able to buy a sponsorless version of our club shirts when we had a betting company as sponsor a few years back.

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