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  1. Apparently it only applies to change kits. If a club has green as part of its traditional colours - Sassuolo for example - it's exempted from this ruling.
  2. Football might not come home, but it’s currently at the front door fumbling with its keys.
  3. There's the suggestion that UEFA and FIFA may block players from the breakaway clubs from representing their national sides. So no World Cup, no European Championship - that might set up some interesting conversations between the breakaway clubs and their players.
  4. German clubs may well be steering clear - Bundesliga ownership rules state that fans have to hold a majority stake in clubs, and it's considered unlikely they'll vote in favour to join. The various leagues, fan groups and UEFA are putting out statements this afternoon to strongly oppose this plan - I can't help but wonder though if it may in part be a move to get more money and ring fenced entry into the Champions League for the top European clubs, something they've been chasing for a long time. If they don't get what they want it looks like they may have a very lucrative fallback plan. Also, if I were a more cynical Jaffa I might note the hypocrisy of the Premier League being opposed to a group of clubs breaking away to form a new league for the financial benefit of its members, but I'm not that cynical so I won't mention it.
  5. Millwall play in Southwark and are nicknamed the Lions, so I suspect the identity is a nod to them. Whilst their first choice colours are blue and white, yellow and black are commonly used for their away kits so the game makers may have gone in that direction to help distinguish them from the blue of Kensington Rovers.
  6. The Doritos one is Wolverhampton Wanderers... ...they sported that sponsorship during the 2002-2004 seasons. The whole stack, from top to bottom... Wolves (Doritos) Plymouth Argyle (Ginsters, makers of Cornish pasties and sausage rolls) Sheffield Wednesday (Chupa Chups, Spanish lollipop brand) Fiorentina (Sammontana, Italian gelato and dessert makers) Fulham (Pizza Hut) Napoli (Mars, confectionary manufacturer)
  7. Hull City's 2020-21 home jersey - there's a new sponsor to replace Sportpesa, a local tech firm.
  8. The Dutch have officially declared the Eredivisie season void - no champion, no promotion, no relegation.
  9. Wimbledon's at the mercy of the conditions - the grass needs to be dry, and good light's required for play. Moving it to later in the year isn't a simple option when the British weather is taken into account.
  10. Word is that Serie A is considering a standardised name and numbers font from next season... EDIT: Ah, this is interesting as well - an Italian journalist has noted that there's set to be a ban on coloured backgrounds for sponsor logos, such as the horrid red block on the Napoli shirt. I don't know how reliable his sources are, mind.
  11. A soccer (and uniform-based) one for you - in the 1963-64 season, the Eredivisie title was won by Amsterdam side DWS. DWS played in blue and black striped jerseys - this was the last occasion when the Dutch national champions didn't wear shirts predominantly coloured red and white. No other colours in 55 years!
  12. Rules vary from country to country - here in England at least, alcohol and gambling firms are prohibited by law from having their logo on child-sized replica kits. What they do instead varies from club to club... Some simply sell blank children's shirts, no sponsor logo at all. Some add the logo of a charity the club supports. On some occasions, the sponsor will have an alternative product they'll promote on the shirt instead. Everton are an example - when they were sponsored by brewer Chang a few years back, the firm put the logo of their soft drink offering on the jersey instead. The first two options are the most common, though. I was always jealous of Mrs Jaffa (who can fit into a 'large boy' size) being able to buy a sponsorless version of our club shirts when we had a betting company as sponsor a few years back.
  13. Top effort, this. Hopefully Hull City will have got promoted by the time you get to 'K', but I won't hold my breath.
  14. I don’t know how familiar our largely US-based posters are with Paddy Power, but they are known for their long (and at times tiresome) history of publicity stunts. It’s clear that the kit Huddersfield are using in preseason doesn’t meet the FA’s rules on sponsor size and placement, and apparently they’re now in touch with the club on this matter. As such, unless a spectacular loophole has been found this shirt can’t be worn in the league. So, my feeling is it’s either a preseason prank and the real shirt will be unveiled shortly, or the intention is for it to be retained for as long as possible until it’s officially banned and Paddy Power will then milk the publicity. The real shirt can then be rolled out. Whatever the reality, the sad thing is that Paddy Power are making Huddersfield look like fools and the club are eagerly playing along with it.
  15. Only if she put the milk in before the water.
  16. Apparently the colour is inspired by the goalkeeper shirt worn by Julio Cesar during Inter's 2009-10 treble-winning season.
  17. If there were any doubts that 90s aesthetics are making a comeback in football kit design, the new Hull City shirt is well and truly channelling 1992... We loves us some Umbro on the 'Umber.
  18. They were a special design in support of the Premier League's 'No Room for Racism' campaign.
  19. Welcome to the Mend-A-Hose Jungle...
  20. Unfortunately, that one looks like it's been all but consigned to the dustbin.
  21. Not the best of pictures, but it was over 125 years ago... Chesterfield Town sporting Union Jack jerseys.
  22. Hup Holland Hup. Sergio Ramos' deliberate yellow in the first leg so he could sit this easy match out is currently looking like quite the decision.
  23. For me, the outline of the shirt could do with a tad more thickness, but I think the lines within are okay. That’s just personal preference, though!
  24. When we find something we're good at, we stick with it.
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