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Heavy vs. The NCAA ((Part 145 - The Kings of Nothing)) THREAD COMPLETE!


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Now then before I update with the next team... I have to disclose a major error that I discovered and that is the Sun Belt changed their logo this season and its in effect right now.... So I've adjusted and here is the updates for the Mountaineers and for the Jaguars.









NOW THEN... it's time to update with the next team for the Sun League and a sneak preview of what Washington will become:





The Red Wolves of Arkansas are a team that looks like a blank canvas even with Adidas backing... so I made them a unique concept which turns them into say the Arizona Cardinals on the road... it also retains the red, the black and the white without refering to that god awful shale alt.

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And now it's high time we ended this batch of Group 5 teams by doing a two-fer for the All American Conference... and they are both cat teams, one from Texas and the other from Tenneessee...


The team from Texas?




The Cougars haven't had much success since 2015 where they took the college world by storm... not only winning the American but also winning the Peach Bowl by defeating Florida State, now for these guys I went with school official colours that their guidebook tells me and despite me saying GFGS is bad... THIS is one of their colours and I wanted to avoid other trashy Houston teams that are not the Oilers... especially the Astros they're kinda trash.

The other team from Tenneessee wanted to mold themselves after a Super Bowl winning side for a much brighter future as this team has been doing well in recent years... as well as the American having good sides out of the last 5-6 years... so here are the....




Yes Memphis has embraced their Bengals alt and have made a set out of these using blue, grey and white... and yes Cincinnati have won a Super Bowl which is why Memphis went with this look, thinking it'll give them great success in American and against Power 5 sides.

Hopefully those that have not fallen to the ground laughing will like this concept.

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Well I figured I move on and get back into the Power 5 where strong teams exist and for this next batch, we are going with teams that are essentially holders of the divisions, those that without existance condemn a division to stereotyping and being predictable, they are the glue that binds a division together so don't expect any major teams here.... moving into the Big 10 where today's team used to be in the AAC for about 60 years... and then they joined the Big 10.

Thing is though, they are one of the only black helmet teams in a division of :censored:ing redshirts.... however their red is vastly different than all of the other reds, except their helmets are what i like to call.... 'BUSY'.

Next up....






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To the Pac 12 now as the next team is in Washington State.... however there's a flaw I've spotted with them and that is their current uniforms, the previous ones were better and gave them an identity in the vast sea of :censored:ing redshirts in NCAA... but then they went naw dog scrap that, let's revert to bland boring football so I figured nah man, I ain't going to let this :censored: excuse float.... so I've made two designs...



Version 1 reintroduces the Grey and gives the crimson a much needed boost alongside a grey log on the helmet and then we have on the road.... the crimson logo with the grey outline.





Here I have decided to Arizona Cardinal the :censored: out of them and remove the grey completely... creating a crimson/white look.

However these two versions share the same alt....


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Assuming everyone is liking this so far? Well the next one may be a bit different but the influence is still the same.... Big 12 is a division that mostly consists of the Texas and Oklahoma teams but what keeps everyone together in that division is actually Kansas so with that, let's visit the first of the two Kansas teams....






An identity that is so unique it needs to be oversized in helmets.... and then simplified in uniforms, removed the grey from this set and focused on the JH Blue, Crimson, White and Light Gold, focused around those and you have an identity that anyteam will like.

I have no plans to do the same to the Wildcats, that team is equally important.

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This next team is College Football's answer to the Cleveland Browns.


Well ok if you say so... someone mentioned that this team is Browns so I shall design this team as Browns....




Helmet is blank because the attraction is the Orange that Syracuse uses.... if I used only Syracuse Orange and White then people are going to compare them to Clemson... but here the only team that is probably going to be made is Boston.

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Back to the SEC and we're doing a team that just is there.... for the sake of existing, a school that doesn't offer any importance and probably been the same since the 30's but again it binds the division together, however this Anchor Down stuff is a bit too much for this school especially they have the right gold for the New Orleans Saints to reuse so why waste such a scheme with boring all blacks....


with that in mind here's....







I figured I tried something different and that is the Gold/White road set... the only black is in the logo and I'd nearly made that gold but I didn't... I like what I did for the Alt, pretend the helmet is shiny and laminated and that's your concept.

Seriously the Commodores have so many anchors and chains that it would make the Amsterdam Admirals blush.

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Well guys I've made it to 1/3 through... it's a wonderful feeling to get to 40 but hey that train has to keep rolling and I shall do that, next up is Big 12 again and we're going to a very important school and that is Rutgers, why Rutgers? One of the original teams to exist in all college football but recently their identity has been lacklustre compared to say the Terps who are overexaggerated, the Scarlet Knights haven't found an identity to maintain.

Yet in 1997 they did find an identity and it was heralded as original, striking, intimidating and a great look.... then they :censored:ed it up.

Here I figured I try and combine the two looks that the Knights have...




Using their well known Scarlet, I like to dub thee grey Knight Grey.... I have made a redesign of the previous knight logo and used it as the new logo going forth, Northwestern stripes form a sword on the helmet and provide shoulders and striping for legs.

Knight Grey is a standout in the Big 10

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Good News I got the next 4 teams complete and they will trickle down a day at a time....

Finishing off the Big 12 we have the other Kansas team aka the sane one.





The only change here is turning the White/Purple/White home alt into the team's actual Alternate choice... they made the change with the darker purple this year and I don't want to touch that.

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Next up we're hading to the AAC where a team from Salem, NC parties like it's 1899....

**sees tumbleweeds roll past**

The smallest school in the Power 5 is also one of the dullest in the system but here they are...




A Protestant school that names itself the DEMON DEACONS... is a bit strange I will admit but they have Gold Helmets for road so that gives them a uniqueness I suppose.... yeah for the Alts I went back to the previous gold they had.

Deacons on the sleeves, partying like it's 1899.

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And now onto the PAC-12... it's time for the other Utah team that the Aggies are close rivals too although a third team exists in Utah that is more well known is the better team... moving onto a team approved by a tribe of Native Americans that don't take no :censored: from some online mob.






Keep it simple. Keep it in Utah and Keep it with the Utes.

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Moving onto the next program and back to the SEC where we head to a side that hates Alabama like most people do ((it's like everyone hates raymond or something)) and took their look from the Yale/Harvard winning mentality... however I see these guys as a Old School Giants/Patriots look that is prideful of it's Southern Roots.

It makes me want to be a fan although I am more a fan of say the Seminoles for instance because its a team done right by Native American representation.


time for the Rebels....



Given that Ole Miss has extensive uniform history, it's natural to give these guys two uniform sets... the first is Red themed as in old School Patriots keeping their traditional grey pants but now offering Red road pants in question, the White helmets are unfortuately phased out as a result.



Now we have the Giants themed set.... Navy themed home and Navy pant roads, keeping things in check.


Thus I kept the Powder Blues and turned the new uniform into an Alt that they wear on special occasions.

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Let's get this out of the way... formerly a Group of 5 member and currently a decade of independence, the superior football school of UTAH...



BYU drops Navy and employs Royal Blue full time, no need for an Alt set as BYU are as traditional as Independent team goes.... but eventually they may have to join a conference again... if that was to happen:


Why Big 12? Because Pac 12 wanted to add secular research schools which is a fancy way of saying no mormons... and BYU are non-conference opponents of the PAC-12 so it helps and yet for Big 12... they added West Virginia to the East so same logic applies here plus BYU can face TCU and Baylor.

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Now its time for the next Independent team.... this is a team that I'd considered placing here because of how they are being ripped off by the Mountain West... a team that is located in the pacific, a team that has a unique look and a unique name.... yeah you probably guessed by now... I have made Independent...





Hawaii Rainbow Warriors becoming Independent requires it to become a popular travelling team as they play 6 of their games in road attire, 4 games are designated Home games especially with the double homes again a much well known school... the last 2 are reserved for the Alt and whatever they feel like wearing.

With Hawaii out of the Mountain West... I feel that a team from the FCS would be promoted up to take their place.

I mean it's bloody obvious who it is at this point.

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On 11/23/2020 at 9:52 AM, heavybass said:

All this talk I've made recently on North Dakota State is making me consider adding in FCS teams as 'Independents' in a what if scenario... question is, should I include them or do I make a seperate thread?

Yes or No.

Yes! I’m loving this series. 

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Well then, good thing I prepared in advance then!

Time for the first FCS Team to join as an indepedent what if scenario....

I'll just come out right now because it's the biggest elephant the NCAA hasn't addressed yet...





When your team is literally a side that has dominated FCS for nearly 10 years... then eventually people are going to take notice. Two factors contribute to this... 1, NCAA is ignoring them and 2, The Team realises that winning titles is better than say being in a Group of 5 with not so assured chances.

However eventually they'll be moved into a Group of 5 division and whilst the AAC is way too far away to consider such a proposal... there is a Group of 5 that is near.



Yes I see these guys as the replacements for the Rainbow Warriors and ideally they get Boise State and Colorado State as rivalry games in the Mountain Division.

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Well it makes sense that the last post is for the current kings of the FCS but the Bison did suffer a roadblock.... that led to the 2nd biggest team in FCS to enter the map, now they are high on people's consideration list for FBS promotion... all rise though for the...




The Dukes championship winning look is actually better than their current look of overblown duke faces on their sleeves... so I went back with consistant striping on the pants and plain helmets, also no grey/silver because gold/purple/white/black is a good combination of colors... so now you are wondering where would the 2nd best team in FCS would be placed... now some would say the ACC alongside Old Dominion and to an extent Liberty but East Carolina would have issues with that.

So a bit of news I heard somewhere gave me the best reason to put JMU in a FBS situation



The Eastern teams of C-USA are pissed off at Texas and want to form their own league much like the AAC did which destroyed the old Big East... they wouldn't be taking this serious unless they have had words with JMU to include them.... 2 potential paths they could do.

1, Convince Liberty to join and then potentially raid the Sun Belt

2, Able to convince Lousiana Tech and So-Miss to join which then allows them to then bring in JMU and Liberty... all 4 Texan teams would have to join other conferences.

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