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Heavy vs. The NCAA ((Part 145 - The Kings of Nothing)) THREAD COMPLETE!


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Now as mentioned before, there was the situation going on with the C-USA potentially being split in half with the Eastern Teams wanting to form their own conference, now this first scenario deals with how successful they are in bringing two teams from Georgia to help with travel... in Georgia there's two big teams and that are the Bulldogs and Georgia Tech... but we're heading to the Sun Conference to choose these two because politically they have the cards to either benefit the C-East or the Sun Belt.... first up:






Summary: The Penn State of the South has a look that is half Penn State and half bastard Alabama but without the suck.... I only gave them gold trim and didn't really do much.





Summary: A concept that borrows from other concepts done for this site but arranged to give the design a unique look that is traditional but also modern too.... Red is used here because it's an important trim.

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We're starting off a 3 parter into filling the MAC today as I realise that the division is absolutely terrible when it comes to uniforms... at best this is probably the weakest divsion in the Group of 5 so let's begin with a team that is not very good at all when it comes to looks... it's either all red or all white so I figured let's give them Arizona Cardinals look... first up from Indiana...





Arizona Cardinals as I said but with more Black and a decent striping in the pants and sleeves.... Black Alt just for the sake of it.

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Next up in the MAC.... is a team I was going to post third but what was going to be second is actually going ot be last.... anyway time for the Huskies!




Oh hey lookie here it's the Atlanta Falcons! Except that they aren't chokers and aren't as good either.... retained the Black/Red/White/Gray mentality throughout.

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You probably might think that the last two were just ok...well thats because I was saving the last of these MAC teams for last, figured that this team needed an innovation in how they are designed... they have a theme of SPACE and they don't use it properly, heck it's in their color scheme! So now with that in mind.... time to Seattle Seahawk the :censored: out of the...




The secondary known as Space now becomes the primary of SPACE... Toledo Rockets decide to use Space and Gold in a way that Seahawks themselves onto the design board... the Road uniform is actually in fact a tribute to their retro.


As you can see here, I figured it's kind of a tribute to not only their past but also to the old school LA Rams, the Alt is their 'Midnight Blue' and Double Gold.... they wear Blue socks obviously.

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I figured this was long overdue for an update... moving into the C-USA now, more importantly the Western Branch of said conference that is falling into pieces because Texas is the source of the problems.

Doesn't help that the first team is from Texas so with that in mind...




Rice is a school that embraces two uniforms set, Home and Road.... and nothing else, this applies here as well, except for the helmet logo which is now the owl and not the English R.

Two uniforms, two colours, new logo, same football?

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We're heading back to Texas today but we're going back to the Sun Belt.... for next up is a team that really doesn't have an identity, yes they have Bobcats but this team is just.... BLAND. Probably Adidas's fault but I figured I try and make them somewhat creative.... their colours are Bordeaux and Shadow whilst I could of done a French style but French Texas sounds weird and doesn't work... that being said.






Like I said, French Style would be something I had no idea how to impliment so I went with three colours and that's that.

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Gonna stay in the American now for the next team.... superior owls of a different part, it's the ones from...





From it's three simple colors of Cherry, White and Black... Temple really needed to stay out in Philly, so diamond motif on the pants and a hybrid of their 70's style on the shoulder... but it's the eyes on the back of the helmet that stands out and probably might be an issue for some people.... if Horton doesn't give a hoot then Temple give no :censored:s either.

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And here is something I held back on because it is it's own thing... when you have a name like Mean Green, you assume it would be awesome right but unfortuately I have an issue with Black being the base colour...... you are the mean GREEN thus you need to be all green and nothing else but I actually didn't want to make it all green, so I decided to approach this as doing the Retros for the Jets and combine that with the retros for the Eagles so here is...



And here is something that @Htown1141 did, that I found inspiration for because it's something totally different....



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Let's move on now and go back into the Mountain West... for yes it is that time to go back to the fun league where a new triate rivalry will be established that consists of Boise State, the former FCS heavyweights the NDS Bison and now finally a team with a resurgence due to maintaining a name that stands for excellence and for winningness... eventually the school went through a total course and now desires winning and in order to do so, they must adapt themselves to a winning look and for this there was only one look that symbolises winning....

ST LOUIS RAMS... I mean...





When I thought about Colorado State, I thought about how they close to the Rams image... and since they no longer use the St Louis look, I thought that was a perfect way to rebrand this hard working school into a worthy school that is good enough to not only win conferences but also bowl games... I retained the Aggies look and I also retained the Pride look.

Everything else is a tribute to the St Louis Rams.

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And lastly the other Nevada team in the Mountain West... a team that shares the Allegant Stadium with the Raiders, but they would of taken the Raiders look if it wasn't for the fact that they had their own look.... whilst the Wolf Pack ended up looking like Raiders, the Rebels inherited the attitude of the Raiders....







I know the logo is pretty much dislike BUT the Raiders attitude is screw you we do what we want anyway so :censored: what you think... so there's the excuse.

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Time to go  beyond the FBS and back into the FCS... now with North Dakota State and JMU already mentioned, I would of figured I add 4 more from there... as a sort of what if they decide to move up to FBS status.


And we begin with not only North Dakota State's eternal rival but also a team with big aspirations of their own...





South Dakota State's plan is to eventually take on consistant FBS opposition in due course in particular to the Big 10 and the Big 12 with currently they have a 1-9 record... but small steps lead to big journies and so for this team I put them....



As for why I maintained Blue, Yellow and White here and not use Black? Black doesn't help a team like South Dakota State... it helps others but unfortuately it doesn't help a colorful team like the Jackrabbits.

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I've gone ahead and made an index where you can click on the bolded links and they'll take you to the team that has had the most recent of updates... the ones with ** are Indy teams being assigned in said division.

I may also be bringing in defunt teams that can be aligned with said conference.

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Next up in the FCS representatives goes into another team from Iowa with big plans.... they have a good look and in recent times they adapted to a more darker look...

Here comes the Panthers of...





Had to think on this one where to place the Panthers should they decide to take the FBS pool.... luckily their wrestling team has given me the answers, I'll be placing them in the...




Then again I had a thought of what to do with North Dakota and South Dakota since technically the Mountain West would be stretching too far.... So I decided to design what they would look like in MAC badges?



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And now the last two FCS teams of the batch... both teams that are members of the Big Sky Conference and are in proximity of the Mountain West... one team is not too far from two-three teams in said Mountain..




Retaining the Weber Black is keen to the Alt because it's listed on their website... no seriously, it is and it proves that I can make better templates if I can... the other team is luckily more traditional and more likely to rip off the New England Patriots it's....




The Alt is actually a reference to @edjb93's FCS concept page as I am thinking about doing the task of doing the FCS as well... and if I feel really confident, the third division of college football.

Also here are the Mountain West pants for both teams:



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Alright I think it's time to go back to the Power 5... the next batch of updates planned are going to be large and will take a majority of the major teams not covered yet.

So which of the following teams do you want me to do first:

North Carolina Tarheels
Iowa Hawkeyes

Virginia Tech Hokies
Oklahoma State Cowboys
Cal Bears

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6 hours ago, heavybass said:

Alright I think it's time to go back to the Power 5... the next batch of updates planned are going to be large and will take a majority of the major teams not covered yet.

So which of the following teams do you want me to do first:

North Carolina Tarheels
Iowa Hawkeyes

Virginia Tech Hokies
Oklahoma State Cowboys
Cal Bears

I'd like to see what you have in mind for Virginia Tech

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