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WAFL -World American Football League Project


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4 hours ago, InsideSportJapan said:

You know that there has been an American Football World Championship since 1999 and that many of these teams already exist with uniforms very different from the soccer ones right?

Yes I know.. but my concept is based on the real uniforms of national teams.. thanks

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Not much else to say. I do believe you have some unique concepts here. Some details are interesting, like the details in the Uruguay jersey, but mostly of it is quite unpracticable in American Football, since the concepts were originally developed for Association Football. It is a paradox that does not work, because if on one hand you have good templates and ideas are not all bad, by applying giant Association Football logos, they become impracticable. It is not as if KNVB, AUF or DFB would sponsor a team from another sport. There is a lack of realism that makes the concepts extremely confusing.


Now, down to more technical matters:
Your concept of "placing and sizing logos" is somewhat poor, not only in the jerseys, but in the presentation sector. It's crowded and it feels somewhat unpleasant. If you paid for all of these templates, you should not feel obliged to show the logos for the sites where you got it. Less is more, and when talking about American Football jerseys "lesser is even better". Have a look at the most recent batch of NFL jerseys. They developed to a point that it needs a minimum on embellishment and it focus mainly on create a concept that merge visual simplicity and meaning. They trimmed to the minimum, and they're cooler than ever.

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