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  1. Dear NBC, TNT, TBS, and MAV TV (Motorsports), HIRE THIS MAN Sincerely, Everyone here
  2. Well if this truly is the end, might as well go out with a bang. However this was more of a Nuclear explosion than a small bang, Well, to be fair this whole set has been fireworks but I digress
  3. I completely forgot about color schemes, I apologise. Also the face on that logo is a reference to Dale Earnhardt Sr.
  4. These are awesome. Any shot at something for Reno, and or Kanapolis
  5. Option 2 but I'd also consider the USF Dons
  6. You know what, on the DC one until the *Name Redacted* get a new name I'd just use the roundel with feathers because of how quick it's going to become outdated in the grand scheme of things.
  7. Maybe split the bay area into two different ones. Like have 9ers, Giants Warriors in one and A's Earthquakes and Sharks in the other.
  8. If that's team 626. Where is Lilo. Lol, just kidding. The dragon one looks awesome
  9. Um.. a little inadvertent/unintentional problem. On the ice it would look like the Leafs are a bit *excited* to play hockey in Toronto. Unless it's a tribute to Harold Ballard?
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