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  1. Please let sf's affiliate be Reno.
  2. Funny how Seth Rollins from WWE is from Iowa and a bears fan so this is brilliant for marketing
  3. This is probably an akward one. But can I get this logo With the quote "You just don't know what Indy means" please.
  4. Don't you EVER apologize for having to put family over this. Sending prayers your way and hope everything turns out ok
  5. I meant in the legal sense
  6. Two big issues with this. Vegas's affiliate would not be Reno as they have territorial rights with San Francisco. Also Sacramento while it does have some connections with the 9ers really has no interest
  7. I didn't put the wordmark of the jersey just the logo
  8. Trying to incorporate all the color pallete in the unis
  9. No the name on the back of the jersey is just a placeholder for the player name. As for the numbers I wanted to make it look like the A was in the center
  10. Before I release the next division. Seeing as the movie is coming out soon I found an interesting matchup to do a spin on . Now for Sabercats it would probably be the only time I ever cheered for the bad guy lol. Now the stones on the side of the Sabercats helmets are the infinity stones the first 4 are the LA Avengers colors and the last 2 are the Shock and Rattlers colors. The Arenaty Stones if you will Los Angeles is based on the Advanced Tech Suits from the trailers.
  11. Two quick things. I was referring to the team Avengers when I said "Now seeing as the Avengers are owned by Disney/Marvel" to clear things up. Secondly any c&c before I move on to a division that will FORCE it's way like a STORM holding a VOODOO doll in one hand and holding COBRAS in the other
  12. Here is an update to the Avengers. Loki doesn't die and becomes Thanos's assistant Lol in all seriousness I removed the chest stripe and just blended it in with the top Now seeing as the Avengers are owned by Disney/Marvel I already have plans for a Captain America, Iron Man, and Captain Marvel alternate. Seeing as this rebrand doesn't have the NFL's bull(bleep) one helmet rule (a.k.a the dumbest uniform design rule in world history) which infinity war members (heroes not villains) would you like to see alternate-ized
  13. Well at the end of the project I might. Also I want to show where the teams are going to play