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  1. Would this be of any help in terms of research
  2. Gonna say these for Detroit and it stems from cars Detroit Stingrays Detroit Mustangs Detroit Vipers Detroit Chargers Detroit Challengers Detroit Cobras And last but not least Detroit Firebirds
  3. Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh am I missing something or is San Jose missing too
  4. Quick question. Are you doing the all star game as well or is it just the teams
  5. I'm shocked neither of the LA Teams have a Kobe set. These are awesome though
  6. I'm a 49er fan as well (family has been since they were in the AAFC so not a bandwagon in case of anyone asking) and my name is @Silence of the Rams for that reason. i will say this is a clean concept though
  7. Ngl I'm slightly disappointed you didn't go purple rain on the Minnesota alt but overall solid concepts so far
  8. Switch out the purple for blue and change the logos and I'm getting major Montreal Allouettes vibes
  9. Well seeing as we have NASCAR for the hornets. My guess is that IndyCar for the hornets and IMSA for the Heat (12 hours of Sebring)
  10. Couple of things, one of which i will DM you for. The other thing is, As your username pretty much says what your favorite team to do on this thread, Please don't change the Giants too much please
  11. I'm not a rams fan but if I were I'd cop these instantly
  12. Really quickly does anyone have the default WWE supercard season 2 Template in a psd. Been looking for one for a while but couldn't find it