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  1. Kinda a city suggestion. More than a name suggestion. Seeing as you are going with MLS cities San Jose would be a great one especially since you have a perfect name based on the nearby ocean. The Sirens (Mermaid one not firetruck one)
  2. And this is an issue why? It's the NFL's 100th season let them be
  3. Funny you post this the day they advance to the ALDS Nice take of a throwback without going all tequila sunrise
  4. What if (hear me out hear me out) this is the new NBC Score bug and they just wanted to keep it semi secret until the winter classic
  5. Quick note Portland is near Eugene, Oregon which is home to Nike so I don't think it should be Adidas. Just a nitpick but overall awesome
  6. Im getting mad barca vibes. In a very good way
  7. Don't "Poke" the bear with insults or you'll get a knuckle "Poke" bowl. Ok I'll see myself out but overall solid concepts
  8. Every rose has its thorn Just like every night has its dawn Just like every cowboy sings his sad, sad song Every rose has its thorn
  9. Not bad. However I think the trickiest one to do will be the racing ones. Also I think that NBC is probably spending most of it's current graphics budget on the 2020 Olympics
  10. Always Rockin these. "Me waiting for the next teams"
  11. Ok. Just figured I'd ask anyway
  12. Forgive me for asking but is an Indy Eleven expansion a possibility for this
  13. I am aware I'm just pointing it out