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  1. So the College Football Playoff has been teasing expansion for a few years now and there have been several ways to go about it. Here's mine Now apart from Notre Dame all the teams are conference champions. In terms of scheduling the Capital One Orange Bowl and Playstation Fiesta Bowl are interchangeable in terms of semi-final matchups. Also the Rose Bowl will always be a semi-final game because of the dateline i want to follow Now I did do fields ( @pitt6pack Thank you for the template) for each game (Including final). Note I simmed the games on NCAA Football 09 on PS2 (Not posting stats this was just to get matchups for the Semi-Final and Final. Also the initial matchups are not realistic. I just did each conference in a randomizer and went from there. Now without further ado #1 Clemson vs. #8 Hawaii Chick-Fil-A Peach Bowl Mercedes-Benz Stadium, Atlanta #2 Oregon vs. #7 Notre Dame Goodyear Cotton Bowl Classic AT&T Stadium, Arlington #3 Michigan vs. #6 Florida Allstate Sugar Bowl Mercedes Benz Superdome, New Orleans #4 Baylor vs #5 UCF Capital One Orange Bowl Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Now the other fields will be coming soon but what do you think so far. Before I forget here is the National Championship logo
  2. Ok. I wanted to social distance (yes I know what I said) from the templated you know what, but the more I look at it i agree it's a biiiiit too much.
  3. Well seeing as we have nothing. I guess you can use my frankenstein-ed super bowl logo for your predictions
  4. And as a footnote the purple is the Lakers purple followed by the Rams legacy blue in the gradient.
  5. I'm not because @raysox's Super Bowl Shuffle took care of the previous ones. I might for 57-60 but probably not for a bit
  6. Now as we know the NFL has sucked in terms of Super Bowl Logo design. What I've done is first Frankenstein-ed up what most likely will be the Super Bowl 56 logo, and then made what me (and hopefully everyone else would want
  7. Thanks. I don't know if you caught this but I put the top part of the conference championship game logos instead of just the conference logos because if you think about it. They are the conference champions so it would make sense. Also Seattle did that in Super Bowl XL not L (They did take one that game )
  8. redbubble is a destination I'd consider
  9. Any chance of the other combos in this style
  10. The Rolex 24 would be an event to look out for if you want to seek a graphics change