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  1. Couple of things, one of which i will DM you for. The other thing is, As your username pretty much says what your favorite team to do on this thread, Please don't change the Giants too much please
  2. I'm not a rams fan but if I were I'd cop these instantly
  3. Really quickly does anyone have the default WWE supercard season 2 Template in a psd. Been looking for one for a while but couldn't find it
  4. Welp the title said impossible so this ain't false advertising
  5. Gonna have to watch the next couple of weeks for how they may do the NASCAR stuff
  6. Welp we know the NASCAR graphics are getting an overhaul
  7. I was using the one they are using for the sb
  8. Just because I figured that's what the NFL would use regardless
  9. Credit @pitt6pack for the field template and @oldschoolvikingsfor the helmet part of his uniform template Might as well throw my hat in the ring to fix the mundane field template that is NFL Art Department.
  10. Ngl. I may try this. Not necessarily for football but will definitely be trying this
  11. If you dont mind me asking. How did you get the full stadium layout on there. I know Pitt does too so if both of you answer that's fine because I could not seem to do so