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2021 Arena Leagues uniforms


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Here are some of the uniforms that will be worn in some of the various arena football leagues this year. Some are new but most were already announced or even worn last spring before all of the leagues shut down.


Iowa Barnstormers (IFL)

Iowa Barnstormers Linebacker Javicz Jones - June 30, 2015 Photo on  OurSports Central


Alternate jersey

Indoor/Arena Football Changes - Page 8 - Sports Logo News - Chris Creamer's  Sports Logos Community - CCSLC - SportsLogos.Net Forums

Military Night



Tucson Sugar Skulls (IFL) - Uniforms will have the Phantom elite logo on them. 

Sugar Skulls debut sweet gear, big plans for inaugural season | Tucson  Sports | tucson.com


Frisco Fighters (IFL)



Frisco Fighters on Twitter: "Behind our icy demeanor is a fire the Fighters  are ready to unleash! 🔥🧊… "

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It is nice to see the wings back on the Barnstormers uniforms. But the black helmets have always looked weird to me. I never got it move. That is really the only identifiable helmet (to a larger audience) in arena/indoor football due to Kurt Warner... and then you... change it. Never made any sense to me. 


The Barnstormers' military uniforms look like it is Mystery Science Theater 3000 night. 

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