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Kansas City Twisters


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yeah, it makes things look real nice, but all the commands and stuff are hard to master, so stick with it and you will get it. FTR, that free inkscape is very easy to use if you can figure it out, and it makes things look nice as well, but i admit, it is hard to change from raster to vector.

I still don't have a website, but I have a dribbble now! http://dribbble.com/andyharry

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sweeet real nice job man and i like how you used kansas' ex players. real slick. you just make me wish i had illustrator or any vectorized program so mine could be as clean looking.

You can download those programs on Kazaa if ur willing to take the risk, which I dont think is very big. BTW, did you know there was a ghetto clothing store called "Against All Odds", cuz it could be a copyright infrinction, u no since you put it on ur concepts.

Anyway, I think this concept is awesome, great work fuzzlewigg!

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