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Tampa Bay Lightning Uniform Concept...


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some of you have seen a concept of mine that's very similar, but i decided with the new template out there, i'd put a little more work into my favorite of my hockey concepts.

i kept the victory stripes, because even if it's a relatively new tradition, and a fairly silly tradition, it's a tradition none the less... and that tradition now has a stanley cup to it's credit, which is more than can be said for some other traditions :)

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that is sweet! now who can you send that to at the lightning to get them to use those uniforms? :D

if the nhl would allow it, i'd do it... but i believe the NHL has a rule about not accepting design concepts from fans.

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Just slap an alternate on the shoulders, and you have gold right there. :notworthy:

i was trying to keep things less cluttered, because to be honest, this concept is a little more busy than most of my other hockey designs :)

besides, i always thought that the canucks jerseys from a few years ago looked really clean and bold without shoulder patches... i think they took a drop in appeal when they added the rink back to their fold.

but i definately appreciate your input.

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