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By the end of his rookie season he was wearing the assistant captian's "A" and I have dozens of hockey cards that show that. I don't think he was ever captain, unless it *may* have been to fill in for a day or two.


While Teemu was in Anaheim, Kariya was captain, but I've seen a picture or two of Teemu with the "C" when Kariya was either a holdout or hurt.



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Selanne wore 13 in his rookie and sophomore seasons ('92-'93, '93-'94) and 8 in his last (almost) 2 seasons ('94-'95, '95-'96). At which point he was named assistant captain escapes me, this was eight years ago already. He was never captain of the Jets.


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Once again, the Winnipeg connection shines thru.

Teemu wore 13 his first two seasons, then once Randy Carlyle retired, he took over #8 (his number in Finland).

Teemu's captains while in Winnipeg were Carlyle, Keith Tkachuk, and Kris King.  I believe he was assistant, along with Teppu Numminen, his final season here before being traded to the Ducks for what amounted to a box of pucks and some stick tape (Oleg Tverdovsky and Chad Kilger, who were both traded soon after).

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