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4 concepts unveiled


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Here are four 3rd jerseys- 1 for the Wild, one for the Thrashers, 2 for the Red Wings.

The wild one a lot have seen with the final logos.  A mockba logo is included, but not used on the jersey.

The Thrashers one is modified from their current unis.  A second spire is added to the end of the sleeves on the back to match the front.  A second outline is added to seperate the arms from body.(yellow and white).  The Arrows are gone.  The bottom of the jersey is kind of like the sleeve ends.  I thought it looked cool.  I originally was going to do a classic uni, but decided the Thrashers didn't have enough history for a throwback style.

The two Red wings one look like proposals for a new set of home and road unis, but they aren't.  I don't really like the Wings unis, too many people would get mad if I made Home and Road proposals.  So these are an idea for a white alternate and a red alternate.  I like the white best.  The logo is a re-colored Danville wings logo.

Thanks to RC, CC, Mockba.  Thes only logo that is mine is the crest on the Wild jersey.  All others are property other of teams or designers(the re-colored Mockba logo I display but don't use in my designs.)


Wild Alt

Thrashers alt

Red Wings alts

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the minnesota one, as ive always said of that jersey would make a great alt.

the thrashers one, idk, i dont like what they have now and i don't really like that one either.  its sorta looks like it could be a canadian national maple leaf themed jersey on the bottom.  And i actually like the thrashers home logo, and your looks a little too cartoonish

the detroit ones are nice, but I just can't see the wings in those.  Nice use of the danville wings logo, but its not better than the current wings one

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I agree with Yzerfan, the detroit logo you came up with while nice, should be tried with the current logo.

I wouldent mind seeing mockbas logo on that wild one.

I also like the thrashers, its an improvement.

but all look pretty nice.

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