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Ole miss chaning it's nickname?


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OXFORD, Miss. -- Colonel Reb, the mascot at the University of Mississippi, might soon be in for major changes.

Ole Miss athletic director Pete Boone said the mascot, decked out in red and blue and outfitted like an 18th century Southern gentleman, should no longer represent sports teams at the Oxford school.

"It doesn't fit anything we do," Boone said.

Coming up with an alternative has been a problem, so Colonel Reb will stick around at least through the 2003 football season, Boone said.

It's possible there could be a change for the 2003-04 basketball season, he said.

"We have made a stab at looking for a new mascot, but have failed miserably," Boone said.


here we go again  ???

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yep, here we go again.  the difference here is that ole miss has had the name rebels seemingly forever.  what, is jesse jackson saying the black population is offended?  cus i'm black and ole miss being the rebels has never bothered me.


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I could definately see Ole Miss updating the Rebel mascot. Their logo looks like Colonel Sander's grandfather.


It's so old and unmarketable, the only logo they have on their website is the Ole Miss word mark. That said, I don't think they shoud give up the name Rebels...nothing else would sound right.

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