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La kings concept


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The LA Kings should make their purple their home next year, and keep the white for the road. They should ditch the black because it doesnt even look as good as the purple, but keep the crown logo.

Anyway, if the kings do this, and it is possible, it would clear the way for an alternate jersey. I think going a little retro would work nicely for them, for them to try to remind the LA fans which southern california team has tradition. (dont get me, wrong, i like the ducks and kings) So I used something similar to the purple/yellow design of the 80's, and made it with the kings current color combo which is great, and their old colors, but to make it not look like wussy purple and yellow I made the yellow metallic gold. Comments are welcome, copy/paste.

kings   kings2

PS I also think a silver jersey would work too for LA, soon Ill make a concept like that)

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They look nice. Especially number 1. However, I am kinda starting to agree with Shark for this team. They really don't need to go back to purple and yellow. Their current design reaches back to that tradition, but modernized. Perhaps the addition of gold trim somewhere could work for them, but it really isn't necessary.
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if that team decides to go retro, I could care less. In my eyes there is nothing that can make that team look good, not because of thier colors or thier logos, but because of the TEAM itself.

what's the most common phrase heard at a sold out LA Kings home game?

"as schitt, I thought the lakers were playing!"

that being said puckcool, if those particular jerseys were designed for just about any other team, I would say they are great. However as a Sharks fan it is extremely difficult for me to objectively view anything associated with the LA Kings

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