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Kansas state uniforms


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Something you might not know about Kansas State, which is playing in an exciting Holiday Bowl on ESPN right now. Their uniforms are modeled after the Dallas Cowboys' unis. It's pretty obvious when you look at them, but coach Bill Snyder implemented a tradition that his former boss, Hayden Fry, started when he took over the Iowa program --

1) design a highly marketable one-color logo to be the symbol of the new program (Iowa's 'TigerHawk', Kansas State's 'PowerCat').

2) model the team's uniforms after the dominant NFL team of the era (Iowa after the '70s Steelers, K-State after the '90s Cowboys).

Just thought that was kind of interesting, and I figured only people on this board will appreciate it...

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Snyder also added silver into the mix.  Prior to the introduction of the "power cat" helmet, the K-State helmets were purple and before that they were a purple-tinged grey that was practically lavender.  And to be honest, I didn't think it was such a bad look although I think their look now is really great too even though I despise their football program.
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