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Another nuggets concept


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This is my first attempt at a basketball jersey.  I went to the nuggets website, and noticed that in the box advertising tickets for next season, which was the only place on the site with powder blue in it, the words were in an Ottawa Senators font or a font close to it.  So for the numbers and letters I used the Ottota Senators Font.  For the metalic powder blue effect I used a gradient from microsoft word. (left everything blue blank, and copied the jerseys over the gradient)  The letters are a little rough, but you get the idea.  Also there is blue extendiong beyond the jersey but that is just because I was too lazy to try to get rid of all of the gradient outside of the jersey.  c/p comments welcome



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Sorry puckcool, I don't like it. I think it'll end up being hard to see, and the yellow triangles I think will look a bit silly. I think there needs to have a more predominant outline colour for that design, not that vegas gold colour. If it is black, maybe you can use it more. I have a hard time reading the "Denver". I think it can look good, but you need to change some of the design and colour usage.



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you achieved the metallic powder blue effect?  sorry man, i know it's hard to get that, and i don't see it.  plus, the overall jersey design is somewhat boring imo...don't worry about it, we all have concepts like that where there's nothing good about em


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