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A "Wild" Idea


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It's a little too off-white for me.  I don't think off-white would work for hockey in general, given the color of the playing surface.  The Koho *and* CCM logos are an interesting touch.

White works so much better right?

The off-white seemed to be a hit with the all-star jerseys.

The concept would benefit from Roger's numbers. Although the conflict between the traditional logo and the rather non-traditional jersey is very prominent

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Thanks guys, I defintely will take all these ideas into account and repost.

This was one of my first jerseys. When I did it, I didn't even think to use Roger's numbers (silly me lol)

I was going for an older look with the off white, would it make sense to maybe lighten the shade a bit? Or do you guys think it will honestly look better straight white?

Thanks again, will repost tomorrow. We're getting a foot of snow tomorrow, won't have much to do, ya know?

Cheers, and go Birds! L8r!

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