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Alameda Fury Logo

Nick 1733

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Here is the logo I did for MY WAFL fantasy team. I did it a while ago and figure I could get some feedback on it now. (FYI, that's not the wordmark, just a text I'm using for the whole league.)

C & C is encouraged.


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The second color of blue makes it look like it's an "extra" part of the animal. Hmm... how do I explain? The more greenish blue(on top) is kinda giving the animal a mohawk, and it's making it look like the eye is kinda laying on top of the head.

Maybe change that top part to the blue the rest of the face uses, and simply use that second blue to do two things: Outline the logo(in other words, replace the white outline with that green-blue) and define the eye - cause right now, that animal looks like the pet of Venom from Spiderman...

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