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Unh hockey font


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Today in French I was thinking up this florida panthers jersey, which is pretty much like my old one except with more of a "wildcat panther" theme.  However one of the key elements of this jersey is the numbers.  I remembered when the frozen four was on watchin UNH play.  They had these sweet numbers.  If anyone knows what I'm talking about or where I could get them that would be great.
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my search has led to some cool fonts for free download, but still no crillee for free, though ome of these fonts will be grat for other projects.  2 questions?

how do I get the fonts from the the fox jumped over... file to my word and my paint

and if anyone knows where I can get crillee for free it would be a big help because that font does indeed look right

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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