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Arena Football Radio Concept


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Heres something I made for Evids request on the request boards... just wanted to run this past you guys see if you guys have anything to "improve" this design... if its not used, its not used... I dunno its simple but I like it... and I also want a time stamp... :D .... call me paranoid...lol


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Dangit... if that wasn't the identical idea I had at school today. No joke. Mine involved a bit more in the way of outlines, but identical in the way of a vertical football with waves coming out either side.

Must be that prairie air. 1 part residual burnt stubble, 58 parts cold.

Ehh... I can't complain... it hasn't been below -10 in pretty much a week.

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It doesn't look like either of mine, fortunately. Your football looks better than the ones I drew :)

The only suggestion I'd make is maybe emphasize the difference in size between each sound wave...the one closest to the ball can be a little longer to match the curve a little more, and the furthest one out can be smaller. Right now they remind me more of parentheses than sound waves.

I'm hoping a couple other ideas cross my brain before Saturday and I'll ship those in as well.

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