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Tank Stumper 2/5/2005


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I. Who is the only QB to start against his former team in a Super Bowl?

II. Who scored the Eagles only TD in Super Bowl XV?

III. Who holds the record for Rushing Yards in a single Super Bowl?

IV. What owner flipped a coin for a Super Bowl his team was playing in?

V. WHat Bengal defender broke his leg in Super Bowl XXIII?

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oooh you know, I have super bowl XXIII on vhs when I recorded the live broadcast (including the cheesy halftime show that was presented in 3D).

I remember that krumrie fracture. If I can find that tape and find a way to export that play as a video file.....:wacko:

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I. Carig Morton

II. Keith Krepfle

III. Tim Smith

IV. Art Rooney (Super Bowl XIV)

V. Tim Krumrie

Carolina Joe got V

JPslapshot got I & III

SJ32 got II and IV

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