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Anyone Want To Buy The Nascar Game?


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First.... I apologize to the admins if this is the wrong section.. feel free to move.

If anyone is interested in buying a legitimate copy of the hard to find Nascar 2003 game for the PC... which features the templates of the NFL Cars I have shown... please email me at boakes@optonline.net.

I ordered one from Amazon.com and the guy seemed to dragging his feet, so I cancelled the ordered and picked a new copy up on Ebay last night.... then this morning I get a confirmation that the Amazon.com order had been processed and will be shipped.

So I will end up having 2 copies..... Sure I can return the one back.... but figured I would see if anyone was interested in buying my 2nd copy here, as some have expressed interest...

I am only looking to get back what I paid for it.. which was $24.99 plus shipping charges.

Again... if your interested.... email me at boakes@optonline.net.

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