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...and I'm willing to bet that half or more of those logos and their history came from Chris' site.

That said, that is just about the only page on Logoserver that I'd really trust for accuracy (and even there I'm iffy). Logoserver is all about the quantity (and for that reason it's an excellent resource).

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Hi. Someone directed me to this board and I've had an excellent time looking at the recent threads. I'm awed by the breadth and depth of the topics here.

I did feel the need to add a reply to this particular thread. When I first started, I collected logos from a number of sites, including emblems.tripod.com. However, it is inaccurate to say that half of my currently 15000 logos came from there. Most logos from the major sports come from team and league websites. Minor league baseball logos in particular have been made available to me by minorleaguebaseball.com. Another great resource for anyone interested is the Virtual Puck Museum (http://officialgamepuck.com/MuseumHomepage/museum.htm)

I pride myself on the more obscure logos. I have slightly over 500 leagues represented and the vast majority are for minor, independent, and semi-pro levels (those logos almost always come from their websites).

As you mentioned, my site is about quantity. I would never pretend to match the quality, accuracy, or background information of sites like thesle.com and chriscreamer.com. They are both excellent sites and I think highly of them.

I haven't looked all the way back on this board, but I hope my site is accepted for what it is - just fun and not intended to be in competition with anyone.

- Stew

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Which is why I have no problem with people discussing your logos page on my board.

There are 3 classes of logos pages (in no particular order)...

My Style,  TheSLE Style,  LogoServer Style

All serve their purpose, all co-exist nicely


Chris Creamer
Founder/Editor, SportsLogos.Net


"The Mothership" News Facebook X/Twitter Instagram

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Well, seeing as Chris dosn't want to put them in order, I will. :;):

1 - The SLE

2 - LogoServer

3 - Chris Creamer Logos :D

(Just kidding, these sites are all good)

Seriously though, it's nice to be able to go to a few quality sites to find the logo you need. I'm glad we have three sites that are avaliable to us. But Stew, I would think it would be better for you to just look for logos that Chris dosn't have, rather than taking them from his site, and calling it an easy day (I believe you when you say that most of your logos come from elsewhere, but I would feel better if you could say that all your logos come from elsewhere).

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Thank you for your responses. I haven't used any logos from emblems.tripod.com in years (and haven't taken any from chriscreamer.com). It was an original resource I found when I first started out. My goal is to be as complete as possible, not to fill in gaps that other sites are missing. Obviously, I would never expect another site to base its content on anything I have or don't have.

My biggest use of the emblems.tripod.com site was for MLB/NBA post-season, all-star, and anniversary logos as well as some stadium, commemorative, and special event logos. With a few exceptions, those are the only ones currently on my site from emblems.tripod.com.

As Mr. Creamer mentioned above, we all have different takes on presenting logo websites and we all coexist nicely.

I've had a chance to look a bit farther back on this board and it's truly overwhelming!

Thanks again,

- Stew (SPKomo@aol.com)

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