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college sports uniform history


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hey guys, i've been racking my brain for months now wondering if there is a site that has pictures of the history of college sports uniforms (football, basketball. hockey & baseball). it's just one of the pieces i need to complete my historic uniform collection (The others are NBA, ABA, NBDL & WNBA).

i was wondering if anyone knew, even Chris himself


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Two things:

1-Why is the not in "Requests"?

2-If you think about it, that is a lot of information to attempt to ask for, more or less collect, even within what we could call, "The Internet Era". Collecting pictures of every sports for every Division 1 team you want, more or less D-1AA, D-2, and D-3 seems much. Helmet Hut and Helmet Project have those, but even the schools don't have the time and resources to do much of what you want, otherwise they would have done it. Then add that to a single site. There is a specific helmet site for the SWC (old Southwest Conference) with photos of most post-1970's uniforms with the helmut, but even some of those are B/W.

College football and hoops are over 100 years old, so it is not realistic to expect team uniform logs on one site, especially since numerous items would be in B/W and you would have to play with the colors regardless.

If it exists, great, if not, sorry.

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