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Montreal Maroons Concept


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I was kinda confused on whether I should put the maroon pants in the concept, so I decided to compromise: The home and alt would wear the black pants, and the white would wear the maroon pants.

C&C Please



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The whites have absolutely no black on them, while the other 2 jerseys incorporate a lot of black...

As well the wings aren't doing a lot for me either, and I don't like the M in the circle.

Other than that solid concept

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i'd use as much maroon (and conversely, as little black) as possible. wait, I already did? anyway, not knockin the thought but it doesn't really speak to me in a Montreal Maroons way. a 1930s style M (heck, a 1930s style period) would work better IMO.


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I'd like to see the concept pulled off with white, maroon and either a grey or navy blue. Nothing about the name "Montreal Maroons" says, "Hey, use black in the design!" to me.


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