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Winnipeg Blue Bombers Concept Jerseys


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I like the gold pants on the homes better--it is more Bomber-ish.

Not crazy about the gold pants on the roads--which still have a lot of gold (which I like)

Comic Sans walks into a bar, and the bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve your type here."

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Wow, great job Sy! I really like what you did with this uniform. It's da bomb! :D


Utah Jazz Retired Number's

#1 - Frank Layden - #7 Pete Maravich - #12 John Stockton - #14 Jeff Hornacek - #35 Darrell Griffith - #53 Mark Eaton

Retired Number's To Come

#00 The Bear (Best Mascot In NBA) - #4 Adrian Dantley - #32 Karl "The Mailman" Malone

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Great concept. I think it might need a modern number font.

I hope that the white area on the sleeve is where the TV numbers go.

It looks nothing like ICS'

The TV numbers are on the shoulders.

The white area is just blank white. Maybe a small Reebok insignia, but nothing else. Blank space is underutilized these days. The Bombers currently have the primary logo on the sleeve as well. Good grief, it's on the helmet, and if you're looking at the player's profile, it's largely displayed twice. Unnecessary IMO.

Shark's concept is nice, but IMO significantly different. I did not have that concept in mind when making mine.

By just switching a few colours around, I transformed the home jersey into an away jersey.


...and of course, the folks at OurBombers were immediately clamouring for the gold pants to make a return, so I made these variations...




SyPhi just gorgeous my man top notch quality stuff here!!!!!!!!!!!




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Whatever set you would go with, you should stick with the same color bolt on all variations.

I hate when teams have two sets of the same color pants...

Oh, and everyone executes it differently, but who hasn't thought of lightning bolts running down the pants/jersey to pants...

Oh, if I didn't mention it, good stuff Sy.

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