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Winnipeg Blue Bombers Concept Jerseys


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Had this idea bounce around my head forever. Finally got it out.

Thanks to Nick, WA Designs, for the template, and the Bombers for the logo.


Bomber fans may notice the lack of gold pants... as much as I like the gold pants, I couldn't fit them in appropriately.

Feedback appreciated!

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Hmmm. Looks like the perfect uni for Troy Westwood to do some banjo pickin' in. :D

Pretty good job, though I'm not sure what the lightning bolts have to do with the Blue Bombers. Then again, I'm also not sure what their current design has to do with war planes, either. Nevertheless, the white pants work for me, so all-in all, good work.

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kinda reminds me of a chargers concept I once did...


I looked back to see the Chargers concept Puckguy did (a very nice one indeed)... and came to the conclusion mine was significantly different and did not warrant mention. Perhaps it did?

Remind me, if you so please, what your Chargers concept looked like?

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yeah I was more or less addressing the pants rather then the concepts as a whole

There you go bringing pants into it again...(To paraphrase from Monty Python & the Holy Grail)

I'm not a Bombers fan, and I'm not sure about white pants instead of gold--but still a good concept--Hopefully though their unis won't change too much--these would make great alts as well.

The pants are different for these reasons (and let's face it---none of you 3 were the first to think of putiing lightning bolts on football pants)

-Sy's bolts point slightly forward, Shark's go straight down.

-They have a different numbers of segments to the bolts...

Still a pretty good look--although I was kind of expecting a logo tweak as well...

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I see similarities between the two (lightning bolt stripes on the pants, shoulder yoke striping like the Colts), but they're not duplicates of one another.

I see a similarity in the pants. However, it's like saying "I invented the double stripe down the pants" and everybody has the double stripe.

For the sake of arguement; both concepts are awesome - both original.

I agree the blue & gold are a nice color combo. Go Blue Bombers!

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Great concept. I think it might need a modern number font.

I hope that the white area on the sleeve is where the TV numbers go.

It looks nothing like ICS'

The TV numbers are on the shoulders.

The white area is just blank white. Maybe a small Reebok insignia, but nothing else. Blank space is underutilized these days. The Bombers currently have the primary logo on the sleeve as well. Good grief, it's on the helmet, and if you're looking at the player's profile, it's largely displayed twice. Unnecessary IMO.

Shark's concept is nice, but IMO significantly different. I did not have that concept in mind when making mine.

By just switching a few colours around, I transformed the home jersey into an away jersey.


...and of course, the folks at OurBombers were immediately clamouring for the gold pants to make a return, so I made these variations...




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