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SEC East Hockey Concept


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Here is part two of my SEC Hockey group. This is the same as before. If you want to see the SEC East Group here it is:


For all I know none of these teams have hockey except UK. I don't know what UK's jersey looks like in real life, this is my version of it and the rest of the SEC East teams. I have sweaters for the ACC and for some other schools that I will post later.



Another Florida:










South Carolina:


Again they might be simplistic but I do what I can do. C and C appreciated

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Other than the crest logos being immensly large, i think you've got some good ideas.

try shrinking the main logos, and it will make it easier to make a fair judgement

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Thanks for doing the rest of the SEC teams. I love what you did with the Kentucky Jersey. Their old ones that they had seemingly forever had stripes just like that and they do use the UK logo but its the slimmer one that you see more associated with the basketball team. This year they changed their home white jerseys by changing/moving the stripes and adding a blue yoke. I wish they would change back or adopt what you came up with. It looks nicer than the current ones and i wish you would send that to them. The only think i would really change is the black pants. Duke dables with black in their color schemes and the last thing a UK fan wants is to see his team resemble Duke. On campus administration is very strict how the school is represented and that includes logos and school colors. I don't think black will ever be incorporated into any of the sports uniforms very much even if it is just a club sport.

Here are the old ones: amy_hayes.jpg


And the new home whites.


i will say that i like the new socks, the old ones had three sets of those stripes up and down them. Nine stripes!

I know Georgia, Tennesse, and Vandy all have club teams too but i don't know about the other schools. I'm sure they do too.

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University of Florida does have an ice hockey team, but they are considered a club team because of Title IX.

They're part of the ACHA Division III. The league website is ACHA Hockey





If you're interested in checking out their site go to Florida Gators Hockey

Go Gators! Oh...and should I order a UF hockey jersey since I went to UF, or should I not waste my time? They actually asked me to play for them one time when I was working out, but I declined b/c I wanted to focus on school and not travel all over the place every week.

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