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Phys Educ Hockey Jerseys


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As a physical education teacher, I try to find ways to make the class enjoyable while doing activities. We are currently doing floor hockey, one of the school favorites. I make jerseys for the captains of the teams. I have 36 different teams. At some point this week I will have all the jerseys, with the Captains name on them. They are meant to be simple as I have a limited amount of time and I coach track - the kids who get these are usually appreciative of them as I will print them out on card stock and give it to them.

(Please note that many of the Jerseys/Templates are those of CC members_I want to thank all of those who's work I have used to create my collection)

I will add more as the week progresses. I hope you will enjoy my little project.

This is 3rd Hour 7th & 8th Grade Boys - Zamboni Division





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I like the outlaws the best. What program did you use?

The Outlaws jersey was designed by my good friend EzStreeter, the programs I am using is, AI 10.0, Adobe, & microsoft Picture it!

Glad you like 'em. :D

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Man, I gotta say.

You're doing some awesome work for these kids.

I've been considering getting a floor hockey league for the high school I'm at right now started.

The teams would be things like (and their accompanying entrance song):

IronChefs (Van Halen - Up For Breakfast OR The Iron Chef Theme)

Meteors (Rush - One Little Victory)

Fusiliers (Rammstein - Feuer Frei!)

Judges (Queen - Hammer To Fall)

Haxx0rs (Motorhead - The Game)

Nightmares (Metallica - Enter Sandman)

And other stuff like that there.

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I used your template to design the Gladiators uni, just posted on Monday nite - we do play music while the kids play, music from the late 1990s and a few heavy metal songs - kids love it.

The only thing I don't have is the siren & light. I priced the light @ Radio Shak for $49.00 - l'd love to get one=maybe this Summer.

Keep checking back. :D

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I wish they had jerseys like this when I played floor hockey in school! We had an after-school league and everything but all we got were those smelly solid-color vest things they used for gym class.

Nice designs. The Gladiator one is my favorite.

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Thanks Suigi - I always love your work. You make good stuff.

As far as the Square #'s on the Axemen, I was trying something different. I am not quite pleased with it, just wanted to try something different.

The Araujo is a Hispanic student from one of my classes, I'll have to ask if he's any relation to him.

Thanks for the C&C gentlemen.

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