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  1. Also, Gloucester (used to be my team when I was back in England) were the cherry-and-whites, and that shirt needs more white on it. The ads and two-tone red conspire to make it look terrible.
  2. This Washington Football Team fan is still holding out hope that Red Tails beats out Red Wolves, because I feel like it has more interesting logo opportunities. I'm also not married to an "R" name, since HTTR isn't that important to preserve. Plus in the football threads on forums I participate it, ending with a HTTFT amuses me currently. And I'm almost as sick of the Washington Team Football/WTF jokes after a month as I was the 'skins POTATOES jokes for a decade.
  3. That shade of Orange is derived from the coat of arms of Headington referring to their original 1893 identity as Headington FC. I guess this means they'll have to have a third kit, since Hull, Blackpool, and Burton's orange isn't enough contrast with the home yellow and this makes that clash worse. I'm hoping they keep the white away with the sash from this past season, just with the new sponsor.
  4. Oxford United apparently going for an orange away, which doesn't feel like enough of a contrast to their regular yellow.
  5. The greatest club in League One release their new home kit, with a new sponsor.
  6. Still bitter over the playoff final, but I do like that Wycombe home shirt.
  7. I don't think it works there, I feel like without being the standard blue/white of Everton, it tips that kit's color balance too far yellow. I feel like the shirt needs a hair more blue. And as an Oxford United fan, I am definitely pro yellow football shirts.
  8. New Everton away, allegedly. Like the yellow, don't care for the crest in mono-blue on yellow
  9. The Villa club badge looks like a shoulder patch.
  10. Roma might have the best looking shirts in all of Europe next season.
  11. I'm biased as a Caps fan, but at least Ovi comes across as a personality more than a hockey robot.