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  1. Oxford United launching their home kit:
  2. New Oxford United home shirt. New sponsor, new manufacturer and a brighter yellow;
  3. It almost looks like it's photoshopped on to me. It also immediately make me think of Boca Juniors.
  4. Penny Hardaway in non-Magic uniforms seems so wrong to me.
  5. The Kansas City chiefs have the worst, most bland uniform set in the entire NFL, and their insistence on turtlenecks in the player profile pictures is stupid.
  6. In the same vein as Bruce Smith, here's Prime Time
  7. Airport I've flown in/out of most often: Local & Localish: And two from my youth as a not lost_limey
  8. Interestingly, Oxford United's away kit is the exact reverse of their home kit, and IMHO, the color balance doesn't work at all. Details from the Club shop Shirt Shorts Socks I guess this means that they can mix and match and do Monochrome Yellow and Navy as well. Apparently last year's Away will be available as a third kit per the wonderful Oxford United Kit History site: http://oxfordkits.com/2016.html
  9. Yeah. Not a complete shock, since the JP Trophy kits Oxford wore at Wembley also had Starter branding.
  10. New Oxford United kit for their first season back in League One Details on the Home Shirt: Home Shorts Home Socks And two different GK shirts (not sure if home or away)
  11. Wondering if Ibaka's going to wear 9 in Orlando, seeing as Vucevic currently has it.
  12. I didn't see this one on their site, and it's hard to find a good version of it, but specifically a 2002 Darrell Green Redskins jersey (his last season, and one of the best jerseys the 'Skins have worn) but without the Osaka patch:
  13. While I do like Croatia's blue, especially with the checkered element that carries through from their home red/white, I hate that kit for Spain, it looks like someone vomited salsa on the front of a perfectly serviceable white kit. Reminds me of some of the awful Warrior Liverpool thirds. Also, I'm not a fan of monochrome kits for teams that have established non-monochrome home/away colors.
  14. The Kansas City McDonald's Chiefs always look in need of an overhaul to me.