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  1. That shade of Orange is derived from the coat of arms of Headington referring to their original 1893 identity as Headington FC. I guess this means they'll have to have a third kit, since Hull, Blackpool, and Burton's orange isn't enough contrast with the home yellow and this makes that clash worse. I'm hoping they keep the white away with the sash from this past season, just with the new sponsor.
  2. Oxford United apparently going for an orange away, which doesn't feel like enough of a contrast to their regular yellow.
  3. The greatest club in League One release their new home kit, with a new sponsor.
  4. Still bitter over the playoff final, but I do like that Wycombe home shirt.
  5. I don't think it works there, I feel like without being the standard blue/white of Everton, it tips that kit's color balance too far yellow. I feel like the shirt needs a hair more blue. And as an Oxford United fan, I am definitely pro yellow football shirts.
  6. New Everton away, allegedly. Like the yellow, don't care for the crest in mono-blue on yellow
  7. The Villa club badge looks like a shoulder patch.
  8. Roma might have the best looking shirts in all of Europe next season.
  9. I'm biased as a Caps fan, but at least Ovi comes across as a personality more than a hockey robot.
  10. I have to agree,and with the box basically being the same color as the shirt, it's not really needed at all.
  11. ^That helmet looks bad with that set because it's the modern burgundy with an old school fauxback set. Grey facemask with he modern helmet doesn't look as nice as gold facemask with the modern helmet to me, as a fan of the team. If the new identity goes with the burgundy shade fro those jerseys for the helmet, then grey makes sense. Grey with that burgundy just looks bad in my opinion. If they had the leather looking helmet, grey facemasks all the way.
  12. I think it looks too bare without stripes, and I thing the grey facemask only works if the Washington Football Team goes back to the burgundy shade they used on the 70th anniversary "spear" uniforms. The current burgundy looks better with a gold facemask.
  13. Under the Snyder regime, it's not like there's any real wins to vacate anyway. Howl To The Red Wolves?
  14. Washington should always go Burgundy over Gold at home, and White over Burgundy on the road. Unless they're playing the Cowboys, in which case White over Burgundy at home and Burgundy over Gold on the road. I hate the white pants, and especially mono-white for them.
  15. Definitely predicting that the 2026 version of "players in the wrong uniform" thread will feature some Washington Football Team duds.
  16. As a fan of the Washington Football Team, a few quick thoughts. 1. I'm glad they're changing the name, the old one was a racist slur, and I won't be sad to see it gone. 2. I will miss the old helmet logo, as that was pretty respectful, but since it's paired with THAT name, it really has to go. 3. I'll probably still wear my old merch for a while (I had actively been buying only merchandise that didn't feature the name, merely the logo and color scheme. I think the only thing I still have with the R-word on it is my LaVar Arrington authentic, but I don't really wear that.) 4. I love that they're keeping the burgundy & gold, because I want some consistency with the team history, plus it's a really fantastic color palette. 5. My hopes for the future uniforms: Burgundy helmet, Burgundy Jersey, Gold Pants at home. Burgundy Helmet, White Jersey, Burgundy Pants on the road. No White pants, and never go all Burgundy. Keep Gold facemasks. Have a consistent striping pattern on the helmet, shoulders, pants, and socks (I'd like thin white, thick gold, thin white on burgundy, thin gold, thick burgundy, thin yellow on white) 6. 2020 is a lost season for the team for many reasons, so I'm okay with a place holder name for this season. 7. Of the many names mooted around, I like Red Tails the most, then Red Wolves, then Warriors. 8. No preference between Red Tails and Redtails, nor Redwolves and Red Wolves. 9. I probably won't be buying merch or going to any of the games until Snyder's gone (which seems plausible that it might happen) because I have ni desire to enrich Danny Boy any further.