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James is staying put....


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I won't say this is dumb on their part. It may work out terrifically for them.

But while James is a key part of their offense, I don't think Colts fans should have sweated to much had he left.

Great backs can have long careers but generally end up having only 2-3 really productive phenomonal seasons. He's also expressed his desire to live (play) near his family in Miami and got hurt playing in a flag tourney a couple years ago.

In other words, his commitment to winning seems roughly 10% of Mannings and he's kind of a flake. I'd have rather let him go and worried (as you seem to elude to) about their defense.

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Just because he signed the 1 year tender doesn't necessarily mean he will be a Colt next season. The Colts and James' agent are still working on a trade. Bill Polian said last week that they don't have enough money to sign Edge to a long-term deal and Drew Rosenhaus, James' agent, says he is still looking for a long-term deal. I wonder if Polian's position will change if the Colts get a stadium funding bill passed through the State Legislature. Anyway, no team was going to sign Edge to an offer sheet and risk having to give the Colts two first round picks, particularly after Rosenhaus said last week that Polian would not demand one first round pick in a trade.

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